3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Storage Game

Even with social options limited and many of us working reduced hours, the likelihood that you’re blowing through your stash in a single day is slim. That’s why storage is one of the most important points of consideration for anyone that actually values the freshness, flavor and potency of their product. Some of us are content to simply keep our herb in the glass jars provided by the dispensary while others have an array of mason jars each carefully organized and packed in such a way as to prevent oxygen contamination but not so tightly as to promote mold growth. Improving your storage game can directly improve the quality of your sesh so today we’re highlighting 3 of our favorite storage containers for your stash.

No Gravity Required

Most storage containers are designed to offer a certain amount of privacy. While there’s something to be said for discretion, many of us feel like we don’t have anything to hide and would rather be loud and proud about that loud. If you feel like showing off your product, the HoverStash is easily the most extra way to do it. Perhaps the folks at HoverStash put it best in this question from their official site:

A wine rack for your wine,

A beer fridge for your beer,

A liquor cabinet for your liquor.

But, what about your stash?

The HoverStash presents a magnetic platform with built-in lights to illuminate a levitating acrylic cube with 3 magnification windows, giving any curious onlookers a scrutinizing look at whatever you want to put on display. If your guests need a break from counting trichomes, you can simply pop the acrylic Stash Cube 1/3 of the way open to let them get a whiff of the goods.  

HoverStash levitating display perfect for loud and proud presentation

The Herbal Bunker of the CVault

If the quality of your stash is your chief (or only concern), you can’t do better than CVault’s line of storage containers, designed with an emphasis on the curing process. But even if you’re not into cultivation, CVault containers pair with humidipaks for unparalleled humidity regulation, meaning your product stays fresh longer. The sad truth is that, like all living things, your herb is in an irreversible state of decay. Popping a humidipak into the stainless steel, airtight, light tight sanctuary of a CVault storage container lengthens the life of your stash by reducing exposure to the elements while creating and sustaining optimum humidity. So, until science finds a way to actually bring your herb back from the dead, CVault offers the closest thing to immortality.

Cvault storage containers provide humidity controlled airtight light tight solutions

Lowkey, High Quality Storage

Have kids or pets that you want to keep safely away from your stash? Then you can’t beat the voice-activated Stash Can. This is easily the most secure of the storage options on our list since it’s only accessible through voice recognition or an app that you control. Think a kid could still get into this thing? We’ve actually rolled over a Stash Can in a Denali without breaking into it. It’s also smell proof so it’s anyone’s guess what you actually keep inside of it. The Stash Can is almost the antithesis of the HoverStash. While the HoverStash is loud and proud with its cutting-edge display, the Stash Can is elegant yet unassuming and perfect for anyone trying to keep their stash lowkey.

stash can voice activated storage container

If you’re not putting real thought into how you store your stash, you’re doing yourself a major disservice. The quality of your product heavily relies on proper storage but it’s up to you to decide what’s most important to you. Personally, we don’t think you need to limit yourself to just one type of storage container. With the HoverStash, Cvault and Stash Can all offering their own unique strengths, having each on hand for your storage needs is a straightforward way to cover all the bases. 


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