3 Xvape Handheld Vaporizers That Beautifully Balance Quality and Price

For years, Xvape have been reliably providing handheld vaporizers to a demanding market. Distinguished by their versatility of products, Xvape is one of those companies never content to rest on their laurels, constantly rolling out new and innovative designs at competitive prices. Even a quick glance at the Xvape online shop can be overwhelming if you don’t already know what you want. Today, we’re sharing with you 3 of our most in demand Xvape products; handheld vaporizers that have struck the perfect balance between quality and price in the eyes of the consumer.

The Xvape Vista Mini as an Affordable Starter E-Rig

With obvious similarities in design to the Puffco Peak, the Xvape Vista Mini offers a wax vaporizer providing some of the same features for a fraction of the price. It’s a great beginner e-rig for someone completely new to the world of concentrates. For a novice, wax can be an overwhelming and intimidating transition from familiar dry herb, owing much to the process of figuring out all the tools and gear needed. The Xvape Vista Mini eliminates that daunting feeling by giving your customers an all-in-one wax vaporizer that lets you enjoy your concentrates right out of the box. It’s also a great e-rig for anyone who doesn’t want to deal with any open flames. As is typical with most e-rigs, the Vista Mini doesn’t produce the same potent delivery as your typical wax rig, but this only reinforces its value as the perfect e-rig for concentrate rookies. And with a suggested retail price tag of $120, it’s the perfect amount for a considerate gift.

Used for: Wax

Typical customer: Concentrate beginners

Suggested retail price: $120.00

Xvape Vista Mini is a Great Starter E-Rig for Wax

Old School Ritual Meets New Technology with the XMax Starry

A lot of your customers won’t be ready to make the jump to concentrates, but Xvape hasn’t left them in the cold. Dry herb pen technology hasn’t come along as quickly and efficiently as wax pen innovations, so it can be difficult to find the best dry herb vape pen at an affordable price. While the XMax Starry by Xvape may have a bit too much mass to qualify as a true dry herb pen, it is one of the best dry herb vaporizer models for its staggeringly low price tag. As an herbal handheld vaporizer that combines non-combustible technology with old school rituals, the XMax Starry appeals to the growing market of consumers searching for a healthier way to enjoy dry herb. Supported by a number of attractive features including an easy-to-read LED screen, ceramic components for full flavor, dial-in temperature controls to a single degree, and a replaceable battery that proves this is among the best dry herb vaporizers for longevity, the XMax Starry underscores Xvape’s commitment to a diverse product line.

Used for: Dry herb

Typical customer: Herbal enthusiasts seeking healthier methods of consumption

Suggested retail price: $99.00

XMax Starry Dry Herb Vaporizer from Xvape

The Xvape Aria Handheld Vaporizer Asks “Why Not Both?”

A lot of customers don’t want to make a choice between herb and concentrates but would rather have one vaporizer that can handle whatever they throw at it. The Xvape Aria takes the best dry herb vape pen features and combines them with wax vaporizer technology for a diverse, dual use vape that remains portable. This means, like most of the Xvape products, this handheld vaporizer is great for the on-the-go consumer. Versatility is the name of the game for the Xvape Aria, whether that be in its ability to be used comfortably at home or on the road or efficiently vaporize wax or herb. It accommodates to any whim. This makes it the perfect gift for someone who appreciates versatility in their vaping gear. Don’t know if they prefer wax or herb? With the Xvape Aria, it won’t matter.

Used for: Wax and dry herb

Typical customer: Consumers with diverse tastes who like to live in the moment

Suggested retail price: $79.99

Xvape Aria Portable Vaporizer for Wax and Dry Herb

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