5 Essential Tips for Magical Butter Machine Beginners

People have been transforming spare counterspace into fully functional edible factories for a few years now thanks to the Magical Butter Machine. Your Magical Butter Machine is designed and precision crafted to bring you the easiest extraction experience with the highest quality results. But if you’re completely new to the experience, even a machine this user-friendly can leave you with questions. Fear not, rookies, because we’ve got the tips that can help you hit the ground running, allowing you to enjoy all the exciting trials with none of the errors!

Don’t Forget to Decarb

Many novices to the Magical Butter Machine don’t realize that plant material needs to be decarbed prior to being added into the Magical Butter Machine. There are several ways you can go about decarbing your material, but one of the easiest solutions come from the manufacturers of the Magical Butter Machine in the form of their DecarBox™. Specially designed for efficient decarboxylation, the DecarBox™ presents a heat-resistant silicone shell that prevents the escape of precious plant compounds and phytonutrients often lost in other decarb endeavors. Forgetting to decarb your product can be a costly error, so no matter how you do it, make sure it’s getting done!

decarbox makes the crucial step of decarboxylation easy

Lecithin is a Game Changer         

Easily the most popular tip (and one that the creators of the Magical Butter Machine themselves recommend) is making sure you add lecithin of some sort to your recipes, whether that be soy lecithin, sunflower lecithin or some other variety. Can you make your concoctions without lecithin? Sure, but you may experience everything from a weak result to a boiling over mess. So, what’s the actual benefit of lecithin? It’s an ingredient that lends to better bonding, often resulting in a product that boasts stronger potency. Many veterans of the Magical Butter Machine look back on their early days and admit that the decision to incorporate lecithin into their recipes was a game changer. Just make sure that you’re using powdered lecithin, because capsules (even the gelatin varieties) often include additives that can lead to unpredictable results.

A Lot Can Happen in 2 Hours

How long should you run your extraction? The Magical Butter Machine offers some helpful suggestions with the built-in infusion times they offer. But did you know that most extraction occurs in the first 2 hours? You might marvel that the Magical Butter Machine can create such potent infused butter in just 2 hours, but those initial 2 hours are the most magical. There are definitely certain recipes where a longer infusion period is recommended but knowing that those first 2 hours are the most crucial can help you to plan accordingly.

There’s No Need to Waste a Mistake

Even if you follow all our tips, you’ll want to experiment. It’s half the fun of owning a Magical Butter Machine. But sometimes, our most ambitious ventures return less-than-stellar results. So, what do you do if you create a bad batch? Take heart; there are ways that you can salvage some product while learning from your mistakes. This method won’t work with every recipe, but you can try it with infused butter and similar products. Having learned from your mistakes, simply make a second, more potent batch to blend with the weaker results from your first batch. Your weaker results will piggyback on your stronger results so that nothing goes to waste.

with these few tips you can be using your magical butter machine like a pro

Don’t Fear the Freezer  

Those of you used to working with plant material may be hesitant to pop your creations into a fridge or freezer and we don’t blame you. It’s hard to unsee them as icy graves for potency and flavor. But most of your recipes will do just fine within the preservative powers of a fridge or freezer. Infused butter, like regular butter, should be refrigerated. The most important precaution you’ll need to take is ensuring your product is kept in an airtight container. Beyond that, any potency lost to the cold should be negligible if you use your product within a reasonable time frame.

The Magical Butter Machine offers a lot of fun for the culinarily creative or can deliver simple, straightforward results if you’re not in the mood to experiment. But no matter your goal, the tips above will make sure you’re getting the most “magic” out of your Magical Butter Machine. Starting out your journey into home extraction with this knowledge will make sure that the surprises you run into stay pleasant ones!

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