5 Products That Help You Preserve the Flavor of Your Material

What’s life without flavor? Don’t answer… we don’t even want to know. Thankfully, there are plenty of products that allow us to preserve the flavor of our herbal refreshment. From simple storage devices to intricately assembled machines, there are products for every price point that can help you enjoy full flavored repose whenever you need it. Here are just a handful of our favorites. 

The Terptastic Taste That Comes with Pressing Your Own Rosin

Knowledge is power when it comes to efficiently preserving the flavor of concentrates. One of the simplest ways to get experience on this subject matter is by pressing your own rosin. Pressing your own wax will quickly introduce you to terpenes; the fragrant and flavorful molecules found in herbal material. There are currently over 20,000 terpenes known to us with more being discovered all the time. But don’t feel too overwhelmed; your favorite plant only has a little over 100 terpenes. We know what you’re thinking… “only 100?” Fortunately, this isn’t Pokemon and you don’t have to catch them all... you’ll figure out your favorite common terpenes early on. Maybe you like that refreshing tartness of limonene or maybe your more of a zesty pinene person. No matter which flavor you favor, the right rosin press will help you gain an understanding and thereby maintain that taste you want from your wax. If you’re completely new to pressing rosin, we recommend starting out with a more affordable, compact unit like the Rosinbomb Rocket.While this portable rosin press only weighs 13 pounds, it’s capable of delivering 15,000 pounds of pressure. Offering a great entry point to the joys of DIY rosin pressing, the Rosinbomb Rocket can handle up to 5 grams (depending on density) of raw plant material in a single pressing. For some people, a personal rosin press is all they’ll ever need. But for those who want to develop their pressing artistry, there are several more advanced press models on the market that will thoroughly scratch that itch. 

rosinbomb rocket rosin press allows you to preserve flavor by pressing your own wax

Protect Your Flavor from the Elements

Not everyone wants to get their hands dirty on the path to full flavor. Fortunately, there are plenty of products that will do the heavy lifting for you. Case in point: Cvault storage containers. Crafted from hygienic food grade steel, a Cvault container allows you to prolong the freshness of a wide variety of commodities. How does a metal container lock in the freshness so efficiently? Its very construction protects against two of the most vicious agents that deplete the lifespan of fresh herbal material: oxygen and ultraviolet light. And when freshness is protected, so is the flavor. Cvault storage containers come in a variety of sizes, all in a discreet, inconspicuous design perfect for virtually any situation. 

cvault storage containers preserve flavor and everything else about a plant

The Most Affordable Path to Fresh Flavor

Keeping with the theme of maintaining flavor through savvy storage, Boveda humidity packs are accessories that pair with any storage container to regulate the humidity in the environment surrounding your plant material. Boveda packs offer 2-way humidity control, meaning that they increase or decrease humidity depending on the conditions. Their relative humidity is specially designed to work optimally with plant material, preventing it from drying out and losing flavor, aroma and potency. With several sizes to accommodate a multitude of containers, Boveda packs are certainly one of the most affordable ways to keep that flavor fresh. 

boveda humidity packs offer 2-way humidity to preserve flavor

Combustion is Busted

It’s no secret that combustion incinerates a lot of flavor. It’s a major reason why so many people eventually choose to cut out smoking altogether. There are plenty of products that can help out in that arena, including pretty much the entire line of Xvape products. These aromatherapy devices are perfect for flavorful medicinal relief without sacrificing any of that essence to combustion. The Xvape Aria is one of the more popular models, working with both medicinal extracts and dry herbal material. Its wide range of heat settings allow you some control over flavor preservation with lower temperatures being more conducive to powerful flavor. If you’re purely focused on herbal relief, the Xvape Avant may be more your speed since it’s specifically designed for dry plant material. The Avant has a generous temperature range with 5 presets, all geared toward dry herb.   

xvape aria bypasses combustion for more flavorful hits

Putting the Focus Back on Flavor

It feels like no list here at Master-Minded would be complete without mentioning the Focus V CARTA e-rig. But with the loud and proud CARTA gang out there, we know there’s more than a few of you feeling us when we say this portable device brings flavor to the front. This e-rig manages to faithfully mirror your favorite classic glass rigs in performance, especially when you use the free Focus V app to set lower temperatures that preserve the nuances of terpene profiles. While CARTA is often regarded as a wax rig, Focus V has made a dry herb atomizer available separately at an affordable price that can easily be attached to the base model for dual performance. CARTA is also one of the more stylish flavor-saving products on the market, making it perfect for those of us who like to mix fashion with function. 

focus v carta is a portable device known for preserving flavor of wax

Flavor isn’t everything, but it certainly matters to those of us who have taste. Whether you want to seriously invest in flavor saving products like a rosin press or simply want to preserve some flavor with easily affordable humidity packs, there’s no excuse to compromise the terpene-rich taste of your favorite herbal remedy. The wealth of flavor saving products on the market today makes it easier than ever to enjoy refreshment at its optimum level. Choose the right product and ensure your taste buds stay your best buds. 

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