When Stay-at-Home Means Stretch-Your-Stash, Here are 6 Simple Solutions

When most of us locked ourselves up in our houses and apartments in the middle of March, we didn’t know when we’d be coming out again. We’ll probably remember for the rest of our lives how much people value toilet paper. But another essential commodity left people lining up outside select dispensaries those first few panic-soaked days. Even if you were one of those who stocked up at the beginning, you’ve almost certainly exhausted that stash by now… maybe even several times over. But running to your local dispensary puts you at just as much risk as any dash to the grocery store or pharmacy. So, short of growing your own supply (which will take months if you haven’t already started), how can you make sure your stash goes the distance in the stay-at-home age?

What’s Better than One Big Storage Jar? Several Smaller Storage Jars.

If you’re serious about stretching your stash, the first step is to make sure you have the means to preserve it. Like anything organic, your stash is pretty much always dying… but how quickly it dies is up to you. While ultraviolet rays from sunlight and excess moisture can both do a number on your herb, the main threat to your stash’s potency and flavor is oxygen. Therefore, investing in storage containers for your stash is crucial. You’ll find a lot of variety on the market, from shatter envelopes and silicone-lined concentrate jars to plastic pill bottles and child resistant boxes. Each of these designs offers its own distinctive advantage. But if the preservation of the product is your primary concern, then glass is by far your best option. Whether you’re enjoying dry herb or wax, an airtight glass jar stored in a dark place away from sunlight should do the trick nicely.

a series of small airtight jars is more effective at stash preservation than one large storage jar

The Infusion Solution

If you’ve got a considerable amount of your stash left and want to get the most bang for your buck, you could choose to infuse it using your trusty Magical Butter Machine or Herbal Infuser. You may be wondering how this helps preserve your supply, since all of it just got dumped into an infuser. The resulting butter (or whatever you choose to make with it) may not increase the potency of your stash, but edibles boast a longer period of effectiveness than vaping or smoking. Therefore, that stick of butter has more hours of good times in it than your stash does on its own.

Stretching Your Stash Can Be a Real Grind

Are you grinding your herb? If you’re still breaking up herb by hand or using the old scissor method, chances are that you’re not getting the fine grind you need to get the most out of your stash. A fine grind burns more slowly and evenly, so its always a good idea to invest in a reliable herb grinder. We’d recommend a 4-piece metal grinder, like one of these colorful herb grinder models from Wolf. The array of teeth, crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum, will make short work of even the most stubborn material.

This Time, It’s Personal

Having your own personal use smoking device like the Focus V CARTA may not preserve your stash, but this depends on your usual generosity. Whereas sharing is typically caring, these days it’s straight up dangerous. If you’re someone who’s often sharing your stash with your friends, roommates, etc., you may see your stash seeming to take care of itself as you switch over to personal use pieces. A personal dab rig like the Focus V CARTA also allows you to better gauge your consumption. The CARTA app even offers a dab counter so you can stay fully aware of the stash status.

personal use devices like Focus V CARTA cut down on sharing and conserve your stash

Keep Your Head in the Clouds

If you need to make a little go a long way, you can’t beat vaping. It provides a much more efficient means of consumption by completely bypassing the destructive combustion process. The effects of vaping are said to last longer than the effects of smoking and also put far less strain on your lungs which is definitely a welcome benefit with COVID-19 circulating. While the recent news about deaths and long-term lung damage from vaping may have you questioning this research, studies are indicating that these tragedies were actually linked to vitamin-e acetate, an additive that was added to vape cartridges in black market products or by low end, unreliable brands. When in doubt? Stick to dry herb vaporizer options.

An added bonus of switching to vaping occurs thanks to the brown residual substance left behind when your herb has been through the vaping process. This substance, often referred to as ABV (an acronym for “already been vaped”) can be smoked or added to edibles for another round of good times. It’s almost like doubling your stash!

When Conserving Your Stash, There’s No Cutting Corners

If you’re not quite sold on switching to vaping or edibles during the quarantine, you should at least be cornering your smoking bowl. Never heard of cornering? It’s the process by which you lightly apply the flame of your lighter to just a section of the smoking bowl instead of bathing the whole bowl in incinerating flame that almost instantly chars it in its entirety. Cornering not only offers a more efficient way of smoking a bowl; it’s also easier on the lungs which is definitely a bonus amidst a global pandemic that specifically attacks your lungs.

Of course, you could also limit your own consumption but that’s not nearly as fun as the options we’ve highlighted above. If you’re not ready to face a tolerance break on top of a pandemic, you still have plenty of ways to help your stash go the distance. Whether it’s upping your storage game, taking matters to the kitchen, perfecting your grind, investing in personal use devices, switching to vaping, or simply honing your cornering technique, you can easily spread out those dispensary trips and save some cash while you’re at it.

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