All You Need to Know About the Xvape Vista Mini 2 Portable Dab Vaporizer

Building on the success of the Xvape Vista Mini, Xvape recently unveiled their new and improved Xvape Vista Mini 2 which surpasses its predecessor with more temperature presets and a sleeker, sexier design. The Los Angeles-based company is known for its diverse products that seem to cover every scenario of customer demand. In fact, the primary unifying factor that connects Xvape products are their staggeringly low-price tags.We'll be talking a lot more about the features of the Xvape Vista Mini 2 in the coming weeks, but today we'll answer all of your questions about tech and specs. 

Any time a new e-rig model like this hits the market, people have questions. We went straight to the source and got the answers to all the most commonly asked questions about the latest model of the Xvape family. So, if you’re on the fence about purchasing your own Xvape Vista Mini 2 Portable Dab Vaporizer or you’ve already got your hands on one and just want to figure out your way around it, we’ve got your solutions all together in one place.         

How do I use the Xvape Vista Mini 2?

While the Xvape Vista Mini 2 is pretty intuitive as far as e-rig designs go, it’s easy to get lost if you’re new to handheld vape designs. No fear; we’ve got you covered with the basic, most useful controls right here:

  •         Power on/off: Click the “power” button 3 times in rapid succession.
  •         Adjust temperature preset: Click the “power” button 2 times in rapid succession.
  •         Heat activation: Click the “power” button once to begin heating.

What is the Vista Mini 2's temperature range?

The highest temperature accessible by the Vista Mini 2 is 752°F or 400°C, indicated by a red LED light. The lowest temperature accessible is 572°F or 300°C, indicated by a white LED light.

What type of battery powers the Vista Mini 2?

This portable dab vaporizer features a 26350 2000mAh battery built into its frame, responsible for keeping all of its state-of-the-art features running at their optimum.

How long can I use the Xvape Vista Mini 2 once its charged?

With the power being generated by this portable vaporizer, the Vista Mini 2 offers at least 30 minutes of battery life when fully charged, depending on how it’s being used. While you may be tempted to fire up the Vista Mini 2 while it’s still charging, this is not recommended.

How do I get the kind of clouds I want from the Vista Mini 2?

Powerful plumes of vapor are all part of the complete dabbing experience. So, what can you do if the vapor being produced by your Vista Mini 2 portable vape is more of a light mist than a thick fog?

Your first step is to adjust the temperature. As a rule, the higher the temperature, the thicker the cloud. Some users are more than happy to sacrifice cloud thickness for a more flavorful, lower temperature hit. But if you really want those thick clouds, try moving to a higher temperature preset.

If you’re already at a pretty high temperature preset and not seeing the kind of cloud cover you’d like, check the consistency of your wax. If it’s too dry, you’ll have trouble getting those thick plumes.

If neither of the above points are your issue, you may need to refine your vaping technique. In general, slow, even draws produce thicker clouds.

If you’ve checked off all 3 of the above points and are still seeing wispy, thin clouds, then you may be overloading your vaporizer with too much concentrate at once. This will result in a boiled, melted mess that produces no clouds of substance. The Vista Mini 2 is designed to accommodate a maximum of approximately 1.3ml of concentrate. Smaller dabs typically produce thicker clouds, so err on the small side.

The power light of my Vista Mini 2 is flashing red. What does that mean?

There are a couple of reasons you may be seeing this warning signal. The most common meaning behind the flashing red light is that your battery power is low. In this case, the red light will flash 10 times.

However, if you’re fully charged up and seeing that flashing red light, it most likely means that there is a problem with the atomizer. In this case, the red light will flash only 5 times. Check that the atomizer’s silicone ring base is securely connected to the battery. You may want to fully reinstall the atomizer just to be safe. Make certain that the glass bubbler isn’t left loosened by this process.       

My Vista Mini 2 isn’t heating up. What could be wrong with it?

As with the issue mentioned above of the red light blinking 5 times, your atomizer may have become disconnected. Try reinstalling your atomizer to see if that fixes the issue.

On the other hand, your atomizer may have actually short circuited. This can occur in situations in which the atomizer has been installed too tightly. This too can usually be fixed through reinstalling the atomizer.

Finally, the atomizer may actually be spent and need to be replaced with a new atomizer.

If you think the battery itself is defective, you can contact Xvape support directly at 909-517-1100, by email at or by sending them a message using the form on the contact page of their website(

Is it normal for my Vista Mini 2 to get so hot?

Since this portable dab vape is all about heat, it’s perfectly normal for it to reach somewhat intense temperatures, even at the exterior. However, continuous use will actually lessen the exterior heat whereas cutting off the heat repeatedly will actually make the exterior heat rise. If the exterior of your Vista Mini 2 is getting too hot for your liking, you can try to power the device all the way off if you need a break in use.

What material is used in the oven of an Xvape Vista Mini 2?

A quartz conduction oven is responsible for that quick heat-up time that you’re enjoying with your portable dab vaporizer. The oven bowl itself is also crafted from premium quartz.

How do I use the included o-ring? What about the white buckle?

The black rubber ring, often referred to as an o-ring, is included to reinforce and protect the included glass carb cap when connecting to the mouthpiece. Likewise, the white buckle helps to establish a secure connection between the mouthpiece and the glass bubbler piece.

What’s covered by the 1-year manufacturer warranty on my Xvape Vista Mini 2?

It’s always a comforting feeling to recognize that your purchase is supported by a warranty. You can purchase your Xvape Vista Mini Dab Vape confidently, knowing it’s backed by a 1-year manufacturer warranty. But what exactly does this warranty cover? This warranty fully covers the main body of the portable vaporizer as well as the electronic components housed within. This does not include heating coils and glass components, nor does it extend to consumer damage, cosmetic damage, accessories or the usual degradation of battery life.

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