An In-Depth Guide to Using the Stache ConNectar Dab Straw

Do you remember when we used to always say “convenience is king” on this blog? Well, we haven’t said it in a while, but it hasn’t changed. The Stache ConNectar is a testament to this ethos: a stunningly affordable 4-piece device that can instantly change most 510-threaded batteries into a dab straw. Ideal for holiday travelers, year-round jetsetters and people that just generally have places to be (ie. everybody), the ConNectar is easily one of the most convenient devices we’ve seen in a while.

And with a price tag so low you could almost consider it impulse-worthy and a high enough quality to make your customers second-guess that price tag, it’s easy to see why we’re so excited to distribute this innovative nectar collector kit from the people who brought you the RIO mechanical dab rig. Let’s take a closer look at the Stache ConNectar.

What’s Included with This Nectar Collector Kit

The main dab straw body of the ConNectar is constructed from flexible material that not only makes it perfect for travel but helps to keep it so affordable. An atomizer is included that’s easy to change out through a simple threaded screw design. While the ConNectar 4-piece nectar collector kit does not include a 510-threaded battery, Stache does make slim batteries available separately that are designed to work with the ConNectar. But if you are interested in using your own 510-threaded battery, there are just a few points to keep in mind. The ConNectar is not designed to work with 510-threaded batteries that have a recessed connection or an autodraw feature. Other than that, you’ll just want to make sure you’re using a slim 510-threaded battery that leans into the ConNectar’s portability. It measures in at just over 6” long and weighs just over 33 grams, so keep that in mind when shopping for your 510-threaded battery of choice.

How This Take on the Dab Straw Performs

While expectations may be low for such an affordable device’s performance, the ConNectar serves up shockingly silky hits for a piece that offers no water filtration. Like any dab straw, it’s adept at getting the last traces of wax from a concentrate jar making it a perfect gift for the thrifty consumer. It also boasts impressive battery life, fully rechargeable through a microUSB port at its base with a red light indicating active charging and a green light indicating a full charge. Stache makes sure you can waste no time in breaking in your ConNectar by having it already charged right out of the box, but charging it to full capacity is relatively quick and painless. The atomizer lasts a decent amount of time, though this can depend on the viscosity and overall quality of the wax that you’re enjoying with it. Since it breaks down into 4 pieces, it’s fairly easy to clean, especially when compared to some of the other honey straws we’ve seen on the market. Stache have enough faith in the ConNectar to back it up with 30-day manufacturer warranties on both the atomizer and the battery, which is impressive for a device that retails at around $20.

The Best Technique for the ConNectar

Operation of the ConNectar is mostly similar to what you’d expect from a nectar collector kit, though it has its own idiosyncrasies. When you’re ready to use the ConNectar, begin by removing the protective cap which is mostly in place for your convenience when putting the piece into your pocket. Be gentle when removing the cap so as not to accidentally disrupt the atomizer. Press the power button quickly 5 times to activate the ConNectar’s battery. The ConNectar offers 3 heat settings encompassing a generous range that should cover most techniques. Red indicates the highest setting at 4.0V, green the middle setting at 3.4V and blue the lowest setting at 2.8V. You can toggle between these heat settings by pushing the power button 3 times in rapid succession. Your jar of wax should be ready for use with the lid removed. From here, you can use the ConNectar in a similar manner to a dab straw, gently inserting the heated tip just above the wax without actually coming into contact with the material.

Stache themselves recommend using a “pulsing” technique to get the best performance from your ConNectar. This means rhythmically holding and releasing the power button in a smooth and steady manner while inhaling. You can adopt a complimentary pulsing motion in which you alternate between gently pulling back from the container and moving the tip forward toward the wax in sync with the pulsing of the power button. You can see a Stache representative demonstrate this technique at the 47-second mark of their tutorial. Once you’ve had your fill, you can press the power button 5 times to turn the battery off, replace the ConNectar’s cap and pop it back into your pocket without a second thought. It’s that simple. 

We could say the ConNectar is the perfect nectar collector kit for the holiday traveler but let’s be honest… when isn’t portability useful? Your customers will no doubt have plenty of reasons to break out this dab straw all year long, definitely getting their $30 worth and well beyond. With affordability that makes it worth an impulse buy display at your register and quality that continues to reinforce the innovative Stache brand, the ConNectar is one of our favorite products for this holiday season. 


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