Best Dab, Wax, and Concentrate Pens 2022

Dab pens have come a long way in recent times, evolving from simple e vapes into high performance on the go dab rigs. These portable dab pens specialize in vaporizing cannabis concentrates like solventless rosin, and do away with the hassle of a full desktop rig while still providing a smooth and flavorful experience. Let’s take a look at the best dab, wax, and concentrate pens of 2022.

Dank Fung EXECUTIVE Concentrate Vaporizer

The Dank Fung EXECUTIVE is a beautifully crafted luxury vape kit in the style of a high end writing pen. This opulent plated dab pen comes with a glass enclosed ceramic bowl and optional ceramic coil less heater or a quartz/titanium coil heater for user preference, and is able to handle any type of cannabis concentrate. Additionally, the EXECUTIVE battery has a universal 510 thread meaning it's compatible with all standard vape carts too.

Xvape Aria Dual Use Portable Vaporizer

The fully digitally controlled Xvape Aria is a luxurious vaporizer with an OLED screen and haptic feedback. With a temperature range of 212F to 464F and controllable down to the degree this dab pen can hit exact temps with precision and makes use of a ceramic conduction oven chamber and ceramic mouthpiece for superior smoothness and flavor. The Xvape Aria can also vape dry herb as well as concentrates making it a versatile dual use dab pen.

XVape ARIA Dual Use Vaporizer

Kandypens Crystal Dab Pen

With an electroplated stainless steel construction, simple one button operation, and a quality glass mouthpiece, the Kandypens Crystal is a seriously sleek and powerful dab pen. Standing just 10cm tall, this super portable pocket sized dab pen comes with an innovative coiless design and a quartz crystal glass atomizer and bowl, so you won't sacrifice any performance for size. 

Xvape V-One 2.0 Vape Kit

The Xvape V-One 2.0 represents the pinnacle of dab pen evolution. Not only is it constructed from high quality machined stainless steel, but the V-One also makes use of a bubbler attachment that keeps hits silky smooth and turns a portable vape pen into a mini dab rig in the process. This is a zero compromise dab pen that out performs almost anything else on the market with its combination of quality and performance. 


The Dank Fung CONNOISSEUR Vaporizer Pen is already our best selling vaporizer and for good reason. A sleek design and an all ceramic extra wide and deep bowl combine to provide excellent ergonomics and powerful performance, and with optimized temperature presets ensuring perfect vaporization you can be confident no concentrate will go to waste. The CONNOISSEUR vaporizer pen is also suitable for all types of concentrate but is especially good with solventless rosin.

That’s our rundown of the best dab, wax, and concentrate pens of 2022. Be sure to check out our complete range of portable vaporizers for more options.

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