Determining the Right Smell Proof Stash Box For Your Situation

Even if you’re loud and proud about your lifestyle, a decent smell proof stash box is a wise addition to your home set up. A locking stash box can be particularly useful for those of us who live with families, roommates, or pets, but even those of us living our best single life can benefit from a sophisticated stash solution. The right stash solution isn’t just about privacy and security. It’s also about staying organized; providing an intuitive system that keeps you effortlessly on top of everything. And if the sesh is good, you sometimes really need that helping hand.  Here are a few of the attributes you should consider when shopping for your stash box.

Does Smell Proof Mean Airtight?

As we discussed recently in our blog about adequately storing your herbal material, dry herb requires some fairly strict storage conditions that keep it away from oxygen and ultraviolet light while supplying humidity control. Most of the options we discuss below are smell proof stash box models. If odor isn’t leaking out, then it’s a safe bet oxygen isn’t getting inside either. Investing in smell proof bags or airtight glass jars for storing your material within your stash box can give you some extra peace of mind. If leaking odor is still a concern, you should be able to set things right by purchasing activated carbon packs for your stash box.

airtight glass jars provide oxygen resistance but little else

Lights Out

Since ultraviolet light will make short work of your product’s potency, you’ll need more than an airtight glass jar to adequately serve as your stash box. Fortunately, just as any smell proof stash box offers a strong degree of oxygen resistance, it’s in a stash box’s nature to be opaque, providing plenty of cover from harmful UV rays. The specific options we explore below run the gamut from rugged stainless-steel to resilient, shockproof cases that are effectively light tight.

A Little Help with Humidity

Most stash boxes don’t account for humidity control, especially since they can be used for so many different types of belongings. Therefore, if humidity control is a must for you, you may want to invest in some Boveda humidity packs or a similar product that offers 2-way humidity control. It’s extremely affordable to regularly augment your box with humidipaks, so don’t forget to grab a supply once you’ve decided on your ideal stash solution.

boveda humidity packs can perfect a smell proof stash box

Stash Security

Lone wolves obviously have different security concerns than a parent with a small band of curious kids searching the house for anything to alleviate their boredom. You’ll find that most stash boxes include some sort of locking mechanism or childproof safeguard, but this isn’t necessarily a given. If security is a top priority for you, make sure whichever stash solution you choose offers adequate security features!

Everything in Its Right Place

It’s incredible how much a little organization helps when you’re lost in a sesh. The right stash setup leans into an intuitive system so everything is right where you expect it to be, right when you need it. Have you ever had a sesh derail because you can’t find your grinder or don’t remember where you placed your dab tool? A sesh box can make sure you never have to deal with that frustration again.

Our Favorite Smell Proof Stash Box Models

Keeping all of these attributes in mind, we’ll now delve into some of our favorite stash options on the market, throwing out enough variety to satisfy the full spectrum of price points.

The Stash Can: Open Says-a-Me

stash can offers voice activated security and storage

If security is a paramount need for you, the Stash Can offers one of your most solid options. This cylindrical smell proof stash box allows access through state-of-the-art voice recognition technology. So, what happens if you sesh extra hard and lose your voice? A free app can grant you access while also allowing you to control the Stash Can remotely. This can be the perfect solution if you’re already at the party and need your roommate to swing by with reinforcements. If you want to go old school, the Stash Can includes a Kensington anchor so you can provide your own steel lock. But we’re assuming that feature won’t get much use with the voice ID allowing you a rare luxury in the modern world: no need for keys, PIN numbers, or passwords.

Hover Stash: Stash with Showmanship

hover stash lacks in storage and gear what it brings in presentation

The Hover Stash doesn’t provide as much security as the other stash boxes on this list, but it makes up for it with its gravity-defying style. The perfect storage option for those who believe that presentation is an art unto itself, the Hover Stash uses built-in magnets to elevate a floating, rotating 3” stash cube, bathing in the opulent beams of built-in LED lights. The stash cube rivals any smell proof stash box with 98% oxygen resistance but includes an accessible panel when you want a sniff of your more aromatic offerings. The other panels offer magnification for scrutiny, so if you have something new you’d like to show off, the Hover Stash is definitely the flashiest platform. However, it lacks the comprehensive gear and storage space of the other models on this list, making it more of a novelty where stash kits are concerned.

Happy Kit: Few Things Are Happier Than Affordability

happy kit mini provides a tiny but affordable smell proof stash case option

Happy Kit have built an entire product line around providing all-encompassing stash cases. In fact, when you buy any one of the diverse Happy Kit models, all you need to do is add your stash! All other supplies are carefully covered by the stash kit itself. No matter which Happy Kit you choose, you can rest assured that it will come in one of their odor resistant cases, rivaling the more luxurious smell proof stash box models for discretion.

Hakuna Legacy Series Stash Box: Stashing in Sophistication

hakuna legacy series smell proof stash box provides sophisticated stashing solutions

If you’re looking for a discreet solution that tempers sophistication with the rustic qualities of a wooden stash box, the Hakuna Legacy Series Smell Proof Stash Box delivers luxurious results. Available in bamboo or matte black veneers, the Hakuna wooden locking stash box uses state-of-the-art finger identification, allowing you personalized access at a single touch. With a removable divider providing optional support, this box gives you a generous 10.5” x 9.5” x 7” space topped off with a removable rolling tray. That’s class!

Myster Stashtray Bundle: The Connoisseur’s Choice 

myster stash tray is a stainless-steel connoisseur's answer to a stash box

Myster’s take on the stash box combo is one of the most majestic storage solutions we’ve seen. It’s based around a magnetic, modular rolling tray that you can build upon with all manner of compatible supplies including airtight storage jars, ashtray, herb grinder, and pipe spike. All of this folds up neatly into a leatherette stash box that tucks away neatly and discreetly. This truly is a smell proof stash box designed for the connoisseur.

Some of you may still default to a metal lunchbox, loose paraphernalia and a sandwich bag and if that works for you, we make no judgment. But if you’re serious about keeping your stash fresh, safe and organized, the right stash box can be a small investment with big returns.  Those discussed above offer just a glimpse of the many stash solutions on the market, so make sure to compare their attributes against your concerns to find the perfect stash box for your situation.


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