Drop the Temp Gun! Terpometer FAQs Are Here

Taking the frustrating mystery out of the concentrate vaping ritual, the terpometer offers an accurate way to quickly gauge a banger’s temperature. Unlike a temp gun, the terpometer uses direct contact with a heated banger to get the most accurate reading possible. It even goes so far as to factor in the approximate 60° temperature drop following the addition of concentrates to a heated banger. Some of the other temp gun alternatives on the market get the temperature reading from the base of the banger, which won’t deliver the most accurate results. By comparison, the terpometer measures the surface that actually comes into contact with your concentrates. It’s a solid addition to any concentrate vaping setup, but new users may have a few questions when they first use their terpometer. Here are some of the most common questions about operating this innovative piece of equipment.

How do I activate my terpometer?

terpometer readings feature color zones for optimal banger temperaturesYou may be used to activating all things vaping with 5 clicks of a button, but it only takes 3 clicks to activate a terpometer. Single button vapes vary, but we’re often asked about the terpometer specifically by people expecting 5-push activation. Keep in mind that, when it comes to your terpometer, it only takes 3 clicks to do the trick.

Does the terpometer have an automatic shutdown?

The terpometer includes a responsive auto shutoff feature. If it doesn’t detect a significant shift in temperature for 5 consecutive minutes, it will automatically power off.

Is there anything I can do to make the terpometer less bulky?

Being that the terpometer is a handheld device, some users would prefer something with a bit less mass. We recommend detaching the removable concentrate tool, which effectively halves the terpometer’s bulk.

How do I toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius?

The terpometer can give you readings in either Fahrenheit and Celsius. To switch between the two, simply hold down the power button for 3 seconds.

What temperature should I be looking for when reading the terpometer?

your terpometer is activated with 3 simple clicksThe temperature you choose for vaping concentrates is largely a matter of preference. Cooler temperatures retain flavor and offer smoother hits while higher temperatures sacrifice flavor for potency, but also deliver coarser hits. The terpometer has a built-in color system that gauges optimal vaping temperatures as follows:

Blue (Cool) – Below 540°F

Red (Hot) – Above 600°F

Green (Optimal Vape Temperature) – 540°F – 600°F

These color zones also compensate for a 60°F drop that occurs when you add concentrate to a heated banger surface.

However, many would argue that the truly optimal range for low temp concentrate vaping is in the range of 315°F to 450°F (well within the terpometer’s blue zone), whereas standard concentrate vape temperatures would be within the range of 450°F through 600ׄ°F. Anything exceeding 600°F would definitely constitute as high temp vaping with anything exceeding 900°F running a serious risk of releasing carcinogenic toxins.

Do I need to clean my terpometer?

Since the terpometer is typically only coming into contact with a clean banger, it doesn’t require a lot of cleaning. However, it’s always best to show a healthy respect for your tools, so if you see any discoloration to the tip of your terpometer, it’s a good idea to lightly clean it. This can be easily accomplished by running a cotton swab soaked in high percentage alcohol over the discolored area. The detachable concentrate tool may require a more stringent cleaning.

While the terpometer is designed to provide results of the utmost accuracy, each banger has its own design that determines how quickly it cools. Therefore, it’s a good idea to commit some time to play around with your terpometer and each banger in your collection. Learning your preferred temperature along with your banger’s capability of retaining heat can help you to tailor your optimal temperature to a stricter range. No temp gun can deliver that kind of accuracy!

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