Focus V CARTA Accessories Keep Your E-Rig Experience Interesting

The Focus V CARTA e-rig is undisputedly one of the hottest products that we distribute at Master-Minded. No doubt this is because of the portable convenience and performance of the game changing electric dab rig. It also helps that the kit comes backed with so many accessories that you feel like you’re receiving more than just an e-rig but rather a comprehensive CARTA experience. Yet there are plenty of additional Focus V CARTA Accessories that can even further enhance your experience through heightened performance, customized style, and even easier cleaning. Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the most popular accessories designed for use with the Focus V CARTA. They can sometimes be easy to overlook, yet do so much to dramatically elevate your e-rig-influenced moments. 

Go Old School with a Dry Herb Atomizer

In most cases, if you want to switch between wax and herbal refreshment, you’ll need two completely separate devices. Not so with the Focus V CARTA. This e-rig can be easily (and affordably) outfitted with an official Focus V dry herb atomizer to give you a break from concentrates and take it back to the raw, old school medium of ground herb. This can especially come in handy if you unexpectedly run out of wax but happen to have plenty of unpressed herb on hand. The dry herb atomizer screws on to the CARTA base exactly like the wax atomizer so there’s no complex installation to navigate or learning curve to overcome. The simplicity is definitely welcome when switching gears. 

focus v carta dry herb atomizer allows you to go old school with your e-rig

Customize with CARTA Glass

Easily one of the most distinctive features of the Focus V CARTA is its glass bubble top that uses a built-in perc to produce those crisp, flavorful, and potent, yet silky hits. But beyond performance, CARTA glass is also often one of the first things a person notices about the portable e-rig. It’s no wonder that glass artisans across the community have produced some of their most creative, boundary-pushing heady glass concepts specifically to crown the Focus V CARTA. Naturally, a wide sect of the market eats it right up, making CARTA glass easily one of the most talked about types of Focus V CARTA accessories. Master-Minded even offers some wholesale CARTA glass on our site,like the iDab Beer Bottle glass top attachment. But if you’re looking for something totally unique, many glass artisans have taken to posting their custom pieces on Instagram, giving you a good idea of their creative capabilities. Depending on your budget, you could transform your CARTA into one that looks unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. 

creative carta glass can pull a look together

Keep It Clean With Moodmats

How’s the old saying go: “Cleanliness is next to dabliness?” Maybe not, but we can all agree that dripping stubborn wax on your new coffee table, rug or couch will quickly scorch any feelings of relaxation. You can make sure this nightmare stays safely in your imagination by making a modest investment in a Focus V Dab Mat. These moodmats are cut from recycled rubber, offering an easy-to-clean barrier between your e-rig and your furniture. Anyone well-versed in the dab ritual will instantly recognize the quality of a moodmats product. They’re kind of like coasters for your e-rig, making them the perfect Focus V CARTA accessories for those of us who don’t want to absolutely demolish our furniture. Which we’re assuming is all of us?  

save your furniture with this collab Focus V and moodmats collab dab mat

Keep It Even Cleaner With Dab Swabs

It’s astounding when you realize the difference in performance between a regularly cleaned CARTA e-rig and one that’s accumulated filth. That’s why we consider these branded dab swabs to be among the most crucial of the Focus V CARTA accessories. They’re obviously not as flashy as a piece of custom CARTA glass, nor do they offer the novelty of a dry herb atomizer, but trying to enjoy your CARTA without a steady stream of Focus V Dab Swabs is like watching you murder your atomizer in slow motion. It’s recommended that you give the atomizer a good swabbing after every dab so it’s a good idea to have a pack or two of these specially-shaped swabs waiting in the wings at all times.

focus v dab swabs keep your atomizer in pristine shape 

It's a Lot Less Trouble When You Use a Bubble

While every CARTA comes equipped with its own carb cap right out of the box, it’s not a bubble cap. This can make all the difference in ease of use and airflow control, so Focus V have taken to selling their own take on the bubble cap separately from their e-rig kits. Available in both black and clear color options, these serve up the kind of heat distribution you’d expect from the bubble cap design while being sized to perfectly work with the CARTA e-rig. Just that extra bit of airflow control can mean a big difference in your experience and at such a low price, we consider the Focus V bubble cap a sound investment. 

focus v carta bubble cap provides premium airflow control

We’re sure Focus V will continue to reveal new accessories as the e-rig becomes even more a fixture of the community and its market. Then, when we consider the unofficial Focus V CARTA accessories being created by innovators and artists in response to the popularity surrounding the portable electric rig, it becomes clear that your experience can continually be augmented and upgraded depending on your personal tastes. So, when the comprehensive kit included with the purchase of a CARTA begins to lose some of its luster, there’s always a way to get back some of that shiny new feeling. 

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