Getting to Know the Full Kandypens Line of Vapes

Kandypens isn’t really the kind of brand that needs any introduction. Unless you’re completely new to vaping, you know about Kandypens and have probably even owned at least one product from their ever-growing line. That vast and colorful product line is the very matter that brings us back to the blog today; we want to help you get your head around all the Kandypens selections. It may seem like a lot to digest, but the whole line is actually a pretty sweet ride. So, we hope you arrived hungry and that you didn’t forget your toothbrush… let’s dig in.

Kandypens Enters the E-Rig Market

Most of Kandypens vaporizers are firmly in the wax/oils/e-liquids domain, so we’ll start with one of our favorites and a fairly new addition to the Kandypens family: the OURA e-rig. With everyone rushing to get their take on the portable dab rig on the market, Kandypens arrives with their usual merging of high tier quality and impeccable style. The OURA is definitely one of the sexiest e-rigs to hit shops, often appealing to the under-represented female demographic in an industry that is steadily moving toward more equality. Its buttonless design and high performance help it to hold its weight along with the big boys like the Focus V CARTA and Puffco Peak, but the OURA is definitely its own e-rig. And like so many of Kandypens’ products, it comes in a wide range of visually-inspiring colors. You can even get gorgeous colored glass tops for your OURA, including the new curvaceous gourd glass design.

kandypens oura portable dab rig

Vape Carts Vaped Smart

The C-Box line offers Kandypens’ take on the cartridge vape, with both a large Pro edition and a Mini edition available. Built around a discreet, concealing box-style vape battery, the C-Box is compatible with a host of 510-threaded options (yes, even CCELLs). With quick and convenient charging capabilities, pocket-sized portability and a powerful battery, the only question you should be thinking is: which color do I get?

kandypens c-box pro portable vaporizer

A Little Something for the Pod People

The Rubi is Kandypens offering to all the pod people of the world, offering a pod-compatible vape that’s so slim, it could almost qualify as a vape pen. You can actually remove the Rubi’s pod and fill it with your own e-juices and oils, which is a major highlight for anyone seeking full control over what they consume. You also won’t need to worry about pod leakage or spit-back. The innovative Rubi design takes care of those problems before they happen!

kandypens rubi pod vaporizer

No Coil. All Crystal.

Kandypens rounds out their generous selection of liquid and oil vapes with their Crystal Dab Pen. This vape pen is all about the flavor, using a quartz atomizer design that completely does away with the coil. You’ll still be able to count on quick heat up times while enjoying a higher standard of durability. You’re also given plenty of control thanks to a built-in variable voltage battery. Why compromise when you don’t have to?

kandypens crystal dab pen

Flower Power Kandypens Style

Kandypens sole offering for flower vapes is the K-Vape Pro Dry Herb Vaporizer. Using a hybrid convection/conduction oven, the K-Vape bypasses combustion completely to deliver you nothing but the good stuff. You can also count on silky hits due to this dry herb vaporizer’s innovative design which breaks up the hot vapor with an indirect path to the oven before terminating in a honeycomb perc built into the mouthpiece.

Kandypens K-Vape Pro Dry Herb Vaporizer

How Many Choices Can You Fit in One Pocket?

For those of us who never know what mood we’ll be in as the day progresses, Kandypens serves up their Miva 2 Dual Use Vaporizer. This shockingly tiny vape features over 80 settings and a powerful 220mAh battery capable of handling whatever you throw at it while still comfortably sliding into your pocket. We hope you like choices because the Miva 2 gives you plenty, all leading up to that perfect hit.

Kandypens Miva 2 Dual Use Vaporizer

Of course, this is just a quick basic overview to introduce you to the Kandypens heavy hitters, but each model comes packed to the gills with that unmistakable Kandypens style and quality. These are some truly eye-opening vapes, fusing state-of-the-art designs with kaleidoscopic colors that leave them looking as flavorful as their name implies. And that first hit will taste so sweet, you’ll instantly know that Kandypens is more than a name.




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