Grab the Glob Mops, We’re Showing You How to Clean Your Glass

Chances are, you can’t remember the last time you had so much time on your hands. With the majority of the nation still in some sort of quarantine, a lot of us are wondering what to do with this sudden wealth of time. Many of us are also finding more time to enjoy herb anytime that we want. With all the mileage being put on our water pipes and dab rigs, it’s a given that some quality cleaning time would be a great use of some of that pent-up quarantine energy. But if you’re going to do something, you should do it right. Today, we’re going to discuss the best ways to bring back that sparkle that made us fall in love with our glass collections. So, grab your Glob Mops and hold onto your iso… things are about to get spotless.

Can’t I Just Clean My Glass Another Time?

Sure, cleaning glass pipes and wax rigs isn’t nearly as fun as using them, but you’re also cheating yourself of your piece’s full potential if you’re not keeping it clean. To enjoy a full-flavored experience, everything from the bangers and nails to the rig itself needs to be kept in pristine condition.

So, what if you don’t care about the taste? Well, first of all, you’re a barbarian, but secondly, accumulated resin, debris and other gunk affect the performance of any dab rig or water pipe.

And if you’re still not sold? As with pretty much everything in life, a state of filthiness breeds bacteria and can also provide the perfect petri dish for all kinds of mold and fungal infestations. Do you really want to take the chance of breathing that in? Then do your glass collection and yourself a solid and keep it clean!

make sure to keep bangers and dab nails clean with isopropyl alcohol

While we recommend giving your bangers and nails thorough wipe downs after each use and wouldn’t go more than 3 months without cleaning a water pipe or wax rig, why don’t we just clean the whole collection now since none of us are going anywhere?

Glob Mops: Cleanliness is Next to Globliness When It Comes to Bangers and Nails

Cleaning a banger or dab nail is a bit different than tackling an entire water pipe or rig. We recommend making the cleaning of your dabbing accessories a part of your routine so that after each dab, the banger or nail is scrubbed down. This typically employs a cotton swab of some sort in a process popularly referred to as “Q-Tip Tech.”

You’ll find plenty of cotton swab options on the market, but we’re partial to Glob Mops because they offer both a rounded swab for soaking up puddled oil and a tapered swab for getting into hard to reach nooks and crannies where residue can accumulate. How’s the old saying go: “Cleanliness is next to globliness”? But seriously, the kind of control you get from Glob Mops is welcome when you’re in the trenches of a deep cleaning.

glob mops cotton swabs are practically essential for dabbing maintenance

If you’re cleaning your dab nails and bangers during a sesh, you’ll want to start the cleaning process while the nail and banger are still warm so that the residue wipes right off. Thoroughness really counts but you should be able to give any accessory a comprehensive wipe down fairly quickly.

If you’ve been a bit lax in your banger maintenance, you’ll need to call in the iso reinforcements. You don’t need to go overboard with the iso; a simple dab of isopropyl alcohol (the higher the percentage, the better) should be enough to give your Glob Mop all it needs to eliminate any residue and charring that’s keeping your bangers and nails less than pristine. You don’t have to worry about cleaning up the iso since the next time you heat your banger or nail, any remaining iso will quickly evaporate. In rare circumstances, you may need to actually soak a banger or nail to remove charring and residue. Take that as a wake-up call to be more diligent with regular cleaning!

There’s No Solution Like Resolution: How to Clean a Dab Rig or Water Pipe

Even if your dab rig or pipe has been neglected, cleaning it shouldn’t be too taxing of an experience thanks to a few modern conveniences. The first of these, ResCaps, provide silicone plugs for either dab rigs or water pipes that allow for a tight seal that will keep your solution in place. The other is formulated water pipe cleaner and since we’re already talking about Resolution, we’ll just use ResGel as the example. But if you’re not sold on ResGel, there are several other options on the market or, if you’re really in a pinch, you can just create your own solution from isopropyl alcohol and salt. However, we don’t like to risk abrasive salts, especially with our heady glass, so we prefer a pre-concocted solution to make sure our glass is getting the scrubbing it deserves without any collateral damage.

Position the stoppers where necessary before filling your pipe or rig with a heaping helping of ResGel or other glass cleaner. Then put the final stopper in place and give your pipe or rig a vigorous shaking. The cleaning solution will do the rest.

Resolution ResCaps simplify the process of cleaning wax rigs and water pipes

We recommend letting the glass soak overnight. If you have multiple pieces you like to use, you might want to stagger the cleaning of your collection instead of doing it all at once. This way, you always have a usable piece. Once 24 hours has passed, give the piece a good rinse with water and let it dry.

In most cases, this will be enough to restore your glass to its former glory. But if you’re using your own glass cleaning concoction or your rig is particularly filthy, you may need to repeat the process or break out the Glob Mops and other cleaning tools to manually scrub whatever you can reach.

Keeping your glass clean isn’t a singular task to be accomplished as much as it’s a practice. You wouldn’t brush your teeth once and consider it “mission accomplished”, so why would you expect the same for your glass? If you want to enjoy your bangers, dab nails, wax rigs and water pipes at the height of their performance while enjoying the full flavor of your herb and concentrates, constant maintenance is integral. Try to make the cleaning of your bangers and nails a part of your routine and set aside time to clean your dab rigs and water pipes at least every 3 months. Then, you and your glass can emerge from this quarantine looking as good as new. 

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