Here’s What to Look for When Choosing the Best Dab Swabs

Whether you’re using an e-rig, a scientific glass wax rig, a heady glass rig or anything in between, cleanliness remains crucial to performance. It’s more than an aesthetic choice, though a chazzed up banger can definitely leave a funky visual impression. Sesh etiquette aside, you’ve more than likely invested a decent amount of cash in your set up, so keeping your rig and accessories squeaky-clean shows you respect the ritual, the gear, the wax and yourself. It may be tempting to just grab any old cotton swab but doing a bit of homework will help you get the dab swab specially designed to give you sterling results with the least effort. And we’ve got your cheat sheet right here!

Thanks for the Tip

The most important attribute that sets a dab swab apart from a standard cotton swab like a Q Tip is its ability to get into the tight corners and edges of quartz bangers and inserts. These are prime places for wax deposits to pool. While the blunt, nubby end of a Q Tip may excel at wiping flat surfaces clean, it will take a lot of work to get it into those corners. Several cotton swabs specifically designed for the dabbing market have taken this into account and you can find offerings like Dab Nation Dab Swabs that give you a pointed, perforated tip in addition to a traditional blunt tip. Having both options in one dab swab offers you the versatility you need to tackle everything from complex heady pieces to simple, straightforward nails. 

regular cleaning of your gear is required if you don't want chazzed bangers 

Hard Enough to Handle

It takes more than a versatile offering of cotton tips to thoroughly get into those nooks and crannies. The material of your cotton swab’s handle goes a long way toward making your cleaning efforts both convenient and efficient. Some provide rugged, sturdy bamboo sticks that handle reliably that won’t snap at the most inconvenient moment like cotton swabs made with cheaper wood or plastic handles. The Dab Nation Dab Swabs take things a step further by offering paper sticks, which may sound like a step down in quality from bamboo. However, the paper is stiffened to create a material that is rigid enough to allow for a good scrubbing but pliable enough to not break. Instead, you have a dab swab that assimilates to the contours of your glass, providing unmatched efficiency.

Keeping It Clean and Keeping It Green

Most of us adhere to a certain lifestyle that helps to facilitate a community vibe that sets us apart from other industries. For that reason, we personally feel that its vital for a dab swab brand to remain eco-conscious. We like to see sustainability practiced with the raw materials going into these cleaning tools. On a more immediate level, we also don’t want to use dab swabs that have been tainted by chemicals, additives and potentially toxic materials. We recommend looking for unscented options since that will bypass a lot of those nasty chems. You should also choose a biodegradable option so you can enjoy your sesh care-free.  

Dab Nation Dab Swabs check every box on our cleaning tool buyers guide 

The Right Price for Dab Swabs

We’d say you should spare no expense when searching for the best cotton swabs but it’s actually pretty easy to find premium quality at an affordable price. We’d recommend avoiding the name brands since you’re often paying extra for a recognizable label. While a familiar logo may silently promise you quality, it’s always good to approach these things objectively and try to just note the specific features of each product. More often than not, you’ll find that a Dab Nation Dab Swab is as good if not better than a Glob Mop, all at a fraction of the price.

While a specially designed dab swab with your specific uses in mind is your best option, any cotton swab is better than nothing. Your rig and accessories must be cleaned regularly to provide the performance you need, so going without cleaning tools just isn’t an option. Use the above guide points to find the dab swab that best suits your style. We really love Dab Nation Dab Swabs, but there are plenty of alternatives out there, ensuring you’ll never have to compromise. If anything, that further proves that there are no excuses for dirty gear. 

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