Here’s Why the Little Dipper Dab Straw is Making a Big Splash

The concentrate community is one that typically celebrates excess, but a new device hitting the market is providing a rare moment in the world of wax when less is actually more. The Little Dipper has been making a big splash owing to that refrain that’s so popular here on the Master-Minded blog: “convenience is king.” Dip Devices’ smaller and even more affordable sequel to their acclaimed Dipper offers a surprisingly powerful electric nectar collector-style concentrate consumer that’s all about convenience. Here are the full details on one of the hottest products of the spring.

A Price Tag to Rival Disposable Models

The Little Dipper is priced so low, it could feasibly compete with the highest end of disposable models. The diminutive dab straw retails at a mere $29.99. While at first glance you may think it’s constructed primarily of plastic, this is simply its lightweight outer casing. The straw that passes through the Little Dipper is crafted from metal, giving it a comfortable heft and a solid feeling of value. We’ll get into its performance momentarily but suffice it to say, the Little Dipper’s low price tag becomes even more shocking when you take your first hit.


Reclaim is the Name of the Game

Built with the basic dab straw design, the Little Dipper allows you to conveniently slurp up concentrates directly from a container or surface, functioning similarly to a nectar collector. But what may not be immediately apparent is the fact that the tip twists off to reveal a built-in chamber that serves as a reclaim catcher, making sure none of your precious concentrates go to waste. Thanks to the superior design of the reclaim catcher, the harvested reclaim is of decent quality, making the conservation feel even more worth it.



Intuitive in All the Best Ways

No use fixing something that isn’t broken. The Little Dipper borrows its functionality from the preceding Dipper, using a simple 5-click operation to activate the electric nectar collector-style device. From there, you can choose from 3 temperature settings with green being the lowest, yellow being medium and red being the highest. While the green setting is recommended for those who like loads of flavor and red for patrons seeking powerful plumes, you’ll still see plenty of cloud action on the lowest setting.

Surprisingly Potent Plumes

With the Little Dipper, as with most dab straw models, a slower, more even draw will help you get larger hits and produce more impressive clouds. And the clouds you pull from the Little Dipper are genuinely impressive, owing to a new patented airflow design. Even the lightest heat setting will produce remarkably potent plumes with flavor that will have you doing a doubletake. These long, smooth draws are made almost instantly possible thanks to a specially designed quick-heating coil that guides you to your selected temperature setting with confidence.

little dipper provides alternative to more expensive electric nectar collector models

More Than Another Dab Straw

While all of the features are impressive enough for a device priced at about half a tank of gas, the Little Dipper doesn’t stop there. You can count on plenty of action on a single charge thanks to the 650mAh battery, offering twice the capacity of its competition. The Little Dipper relies on replaceable atomizers, allowing for undiluted flavor and performance. And removeable atomizers contribute to the fact that this is such an easy design to clean and maintain. Possibly one of the most convenient features of the Little Dipper is its ability to work with any concentrate at any consistency. Most similarly priced devices are only compatible with specific cartridges or concentrates of a fixed viscosity, but the Little Dipper doesn’t discriminate!

While such an ergonomically discreet and affordable alternative to pricier electric nectar collector models makes the perfect impulse buy for the 420 holiday, the Little Dipper dab straw has the right balance of price and quality to stay strong even after the holiday rush. Already eclipsing its larger predecessor in popularity, the Little Dipper’s strong entry into the market all but secures its place as one of the hottest debuts of 2021.

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