Here’s Why You Should Be Pressing Your Own Rosin

We’re in a business where self-reliance can go a long way… and that extends into our personal habits and pursuits away from the shop or office.

That’s because we’re in an industry that’s still somewhat unregulated.

Sure, it’s not exactly the Wild, Wild West terrain it was a few long years ago, but a lot of the products with which we work, directly or indirectly, don’t see an awful lot of oversight.

So, when it comes to rosin, a terpene-rich, waxy substance extracted from certain plant materials through a process that involves the application of a combination of extreme heat and pressure, it pays to press your own.

Today, we’re going to take a look at a few of the reasons you should be pressing your own rosin.

You Know What You’re Getting

People who grow their own plant material will often tell you the reason is simple: they know what they’re getting.

In 2018, the Associated Press reported that almost 20% of California’s tested products had failed to meet requirements ranging from the presence of harmful pesticides and solvents to traces of E. coli and salmonella.

While many within the industry disputed these results, claiming inaccurate testing or that the safety standards themselves were too lofty to be reasonably met, the story served as a stark reminder that we don’t really know what’s in the products we’re purchasing from dispensaries… at least not with any real certainty.

But just as amateur growers began growing their own plants so they’d know beyond a shadow of a doubt what they were getting, a home rosin press can be used to add that extra bit of control, knowledge and peace of mind.

live demonstration of rosin press models at a 2019 trade show

This isn’t to blame dispensaries who are doing their best to bring you safe, quality products.

The oversights just aren’t in place for them to check everything that their vendors provide them.

The industry has improved since these 2018 studies and most of what you’ll find in a dispensary is safe, especially if you’re purchasing solventless extracts.

But walking your own product from soil to banger offers an unimpeachable degree of certainty in your product. 

Solventless is the Solution

So why not use solvent-based extraction methods?

First and foremost, messing with solvents is dangerous and best left to professionals with a commercial system in place.

Any solvent used in extraction is highly flammable and even the smallest mistake can lead to serious injury… or worse.

Miscalculations have even resulted in large butane-based explosions as reported by Reuters last year.



When you’re using a rosin press, the worst that could happen is a nasty burn and only if you’re blatantly ignoring safety protocols.

If safety of yourself, your family and your neighbors is of any concern to you (and it definitely should be), then a rosin press is the superior choice.

You Won’t Have to Wait Long

Pressing rosin is also a much quicker process than any solvent-based methods, which is particularly useful when developing your personal technique.

You can do a test run and course correct if anything seems awry; a luxury that you won’t find when working with volatile solvents.

A lot of presses are equipped with emergency release triggers that can even stop operations mid-press.

Once you’ve developed your rosin pressing style, you may want to opt for a machine that offers continuous pressing flow like the Rosinbomb M-60 so that you can enjoy instant results with high production.

rosinbomb m60 rosin press for home solventless extraction

It’s Relatively Inexpensive to Get Into Solventless Extraction

If you for some reason still wanted to attempt setting up your own solvent-based extraction system in your home, you’ll have one last danger to overcome: the heart attack you have when you realize the price tag that comes with it.

Solvent-based extraction isn’t cheap.

You’re basically tasked with building a whole lab from scratch, not to mention the supplies to run an extraction.

Buying a home rosin press is more cost-effective, to say the least.

A professional lab doesn’t just cost you thousands; many professional labs exceed $200K for a modest system.

Meanwhile, a home use rosin press may cost you a few grand on the high end.

rosinbomb rocket portable rosin press fits right in your backpack

If you’re only interested in pressing a modest amount of rosin, you can even get a portable rosin press that’s light and compact enough to fit in your backpack like the Rosinbomb Rocket for a few hundred dollars.

It Can Save (or Even Make) You Money

Speaking of saving money, we’ve now come to the most appealing reason to press your own rosin: all the money you’ll save.

Once you get accustomed to your pressing style and develop your artistry, you can expect around a 20% yield of wax by weight.

To make that even clearer, if you’re starting with 2 pounds of plant material, you could press about 200 grams of wax. Rosin prices are pretty inconsistent.

We’ve seen it as low as $20 a gram and as high as $125 per gram so the quality of your plant material will definitely factor into where it falls on that spectrum.

That being said, $4K to $25K worth of rosin from 2 pounds of plant material (roughly valued at around $4K) is enough to have anyone considering pressing their own.

At the very worst, you’ll break even.

man pressing his own rosin during trade show demo

If you weren’t already pressing your own rosin, this list of benefits should have inspired some strong consideration.

Whether you’re looking to save money, develop a sense of artistry, or simply rest easy with the peace of mind offered by your own quality control, pressing rosin in the comforts of your home can be a game changer.

Not sure where to get started in selecting the rosin press that’s right for you?

Browse through our selection of rosin presses to find the features that best suit your situation!


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