Need to Hide Your Stash from the Family? Here’s How to Do It Like a Pro

While it’s no doubt great to be spending more time with the kids these days, you’ve likely come across some unique challenges when sheltering together. Chances are you haven’t seen this much of your kids since they were toddlers. Hiding your stash from your kids is something you should be diligently doing, quarantine or not, but life in a pandemic raises the difficulty level considerably. You’ve never been faced with aimless boredom on such a colossal scale. Imagine how quickly that boredom evaporates if one of your kids finds your stash. While you don’t ever want to face the horror of your kid getting into your edibles, being confronted with it while hospitals are already overwhelmed adds a new hellish dimension. So, while we’re in a time when prying eyes and curious hands are roaming your home at all hours of the day, it might be a good time to review your options with 3 ways you can keep your stash secure while the family’s home.

Would Your Hiding Place Pass the “Kevin Test”?

Most of us understand that Kevin McAllister from Home Alone was sort of the “everyman” of children. He wasn’t a genius (or a sadist) as much as he was the concentrated essence of bored childhood finding itself a mission. So, imagine you’re hiding your stash from Kevin. Is a closet going to cut it? Is an underwear drawer? Is hiding it under the bed? Hell no, these are the first places a curious kid is likely to raid. It may sound strange at first, but you have a better chance of keeping your stash out of your kids’ hands by hiding it out of the house.

that old tool shed may be just the place to hide your stash to keep the kids away

“Wait… Hide My Stash Out of the House?”

That’s right, out of the house. We’re not saying bury it under a tree that can only be found by a pirate-style map where “X” marks the spot. But somewhere in that boring toolshed may be a decent spot. Or a garage that’s not connected to the house. Basically, you’re considering any building disconnected from the main house that has lost all of its mystique – a place your kids equate only with hard work or the drab, boring, menial world of adult responsibility. Perhaps one of the best places to consider hiding your stash would be your car, although you’ll need to think fast when it’s time to run to the store. You don’t want to be pulled over with a carful of nature’s finest.

Putting a Lock on That Mysterious Stash Box

Investing in a solid stash box can add a greater level of peace of mind, as long as it’s of the locking variety. With a locking stash box, it doesn’t matter if you hide your stash in your closet, underwear drawer or under your bed; even if the kids find it, they won’t know what to do with it, nor be able to figure out what’s inside (unless it isn’t a smell proof box and they already recognize that distinctive aroma). You should assume that they’re going to find the box, so your main efforts should go into securing the key.

The Voice-Activated Stash Can Recognizes Only Its Master’s Command

stash can voice activated stash box offers a secure locking smell proof stash option

But even a key leaves a break in the defense. Children get their hands on keys all the time. So, if it’s better to be safe than sorry, why not literally use a safe? And, while you’re at it, why not make it a state-of-the-art, voice-activated model that actually recognizes your voice and can’t be unlocked by anyone else? No, this isn’t science fiction, this is our present reality, delivered in the unassuming, inconspicuous form of the Stash Can Voice-Activated Smell Proof Stash Box. Using cutting edge voice-ID technology, a simple “open sesame” (or whatever you want to say) will open the Stash Can, but this smart safe recognizes your voice and has it down to a science. So, what happens if you lose your voice? The Stash Can also comes backed by an app that you can use to access your safe. Simply activate the app and you can access your stash whenever you want… even remotely if you need to grant your partner access. But, let’s be honest, you’ll be mostly using that sweet, sweet voice activation feature. And with no key for your Stash Can, your kids will have better luck robbing a bank than getting into your stash.

So, before you cut open your couch cushions to stitch your stash up inside, take heart! No furniture needs to be harmed in the name of protecting your children and your stash from each other. You know your children better than we do, so you’ll know which of the above options works best for your shelter-at-home scenario. Constant co-habitation is a challenge the likes of which most of us haven’t seen in our lifetimes, but every problem has a solution… and this one has at least 3. Stay safe and keep your kids safe while you’re at it!

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