How MJ Arsenal’s Principles Make Each Product a Triple Knockout

One of the best things about this industry: quality is often affordable. Sure, you might need to take out a loan to afford some of the heady glass pieces out there, but most of the state-of-the-art technology is well within the reach of the common man’s bank account. MJ Arsenal provides a sterling example of this beautiful balance. Priding themselves on providing equal parts cutting edge design, user-friendly functionality, and economical price tags, this Denver-based company has brought their vast product line to Master-Minded Distribution, making it easier than ever to add some of the all-around best glass in the business to your shops. Today we take a look at three distinct facets of the glassy MJ Arsenal diamond.

The Rollie Bubbler

MJ Arsenal are the creators of the Original Rollie Bubbler, an invention which finally allowed the pure flavor of a rolled cigarette or blunt with the cool, crisp hits of a bubbler. It was a match made in Denver, but it may as well have been Heaven. Since then, we’ve seen joint bubblers come and go in almost any kind of shape and material you could feasibly imagine. But we’re proud to rep the originators by providing you with one of MJ Arsenal’s latest takes on their tried-and-true design. The Martian Blunt Bubbler is the most affordable of MJ Arsenal’s Rollie Bubbler Collection, making it the perfect candidate for impulse buys with no regrets. This patented joint bubbler offers the ease of one-hitter functionality, the convenience of a pendant design, and silky, flavorful hits for a suggested retail price of less than $10.

martian joint bubbler from mj arsenal

Mini Rigs

MJ Arsenal really hit their creative stride with their vast line of mini rigs. It’s always refreshing to see consistency and pride in a designer’s work and these wax rigs present the epitome of these values in an artfully innovative way. Even their names exude that spirit. For example, the Claude mini recycler finds inspiration in the name of an ancient Roman aqueduct designer. It’s that kind of attention to detail that finds these mini rigs knocking it out of the park time and time again. From the terp tossin’ tiny titan that is the Atlas to the Infinity that combines the unique percolation style of a Faberge egg rig with the turbulent cyclonic filtration of a double uptake recycler rig, MJ Arsenal’s mini rigs stand tall for such tiny pieces.

MJ Arsenal Claude Mini Dab Rig named after Roman engineer


When it comes to dabbing accessories like bangers, it’s a bit more challenging to bring something new to the table. However, MJ Arsenal takes the best features out there when creating their own spins on the classics. For example, their Opaque/White Bottom Banger offers up the rapid heating and lengthy retention of this solid design with a generously sized, easy-to-clean bucket. Their elongated, oblong bubble cap provides a new visual take on an old favorite while the artfully crafted ISO station exudes quality right down to its cork stopper.

opaque white bottom banger from mj arsenal

The trio of tenets that guide MJ Arsenal are clearly alive in each of their products, from the most complex of the mini rigs to the most classic of bangers. Innovation, affordability and functionality are always clearly on display. It’s a triple knockout that’s hard for any discerning customer to resist. And with glass products still running a bit low as a result of the global pandemic, MJ Arsenal’s product line is a welcome addition to any quality smoke shop shelves.


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