How Should Businesses in Our Industry Handle the COVID-19 Situation?

We’ve never seen anything like the COVID-19 novel coronavirus (nor the world’s reaction to it) in our lifetime. It’s a truly universal issue that’s forcing the reevaluation of completely different facets of life, from how we function as a society to how we do business. Fortunately, at Master-Minded, we have a solid foundation that allows us to not only hold our ground but move forward, bringing our trusted service to companies that have been impacted by COVID-19 yet still play a vital role in helping the world push through this confusing time. Our industry is unique in its focus on a product that can be taken recreationally or medicinally. In the time of a pandemic, both are crucial. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as your business tries to navigate the landscape of this unique time.

Yes, Social Distancing Should Be Followed

What best practices should businesses in this industry be following to stop the spread of COVID-19? NORML said it best in their recent letter, but we’ll summarize a few of the points that really stood out to us. The first, and possibly most obvious, is to practice social distancing. An early contender for Top Buzzword of 2020, “social distancing” is the reason we’ve seen so many big events cancelled in the entertainment industry and why major cities across the U.S. are asking bars and restaurants to close. Things change quickly. Just last week, we published a blog about attracting record numbers to your business by planning a huge 420 event, and now we can safely say that this is not the best year to be planning any enormous 420 celebrations. Fortunately, even before social distancing and self-quarantine were suggested, most dispensaries have been great about regulating crowd size. So, you can expect that things will be a little less in your control this 420 season.

continue social distancing in your shop or dispensary

Keep it to Yourself

For those of us who enjoy our own products, remember that sharing does not mean caring anymore. Many of us love the community spirit so unique to this industry, but the best thing you can do for your community now is use private devices like personal rigs, Focus V CARTA, etc. and resist your reflex to share. Also, make sure anything you used is properly wiped down with high percentage isopropyl alcohol. You may even want to make the switch to edible consumption of your medicine, using products like the Magical Butter Machine or Herbal Infuser to help you with recipes to keep your self-quarantine efforts more interesting. COVID-19 can impact people with respiratory illnesses more severely, so a lot of smokers and vapers are making a temporary switch to edibles.

The Supply Chain is Not Disrupted

We’ve been sent photos of long lines wrapping around dispensaries as the same hysteria that’s seen panicked shoppers clearing grocery store aisles extends into other industries. Many patients who use these products medicinally are at risk of running out of medication if this hoarding mentality starts to leave dispensary shelves cleared. It’s important to keep in mind that the supply chain has not been disrupted and that more stock is on the way. Though it doesn’t appear that dispensaries and smoke shops have been cleared like grocery stores, a surge in sales has been recorded in the wake of COVID-19.

long lines promote panic but the supply chain is intact

It’s okay to be nervous or afraid going into this situation, whether you’re worrying from the point of view of an individual, a business or both. Right now, everyone is worried about something whether that be how to navigate the rush on grocery stores, how to pay bills when they’re not working, or how to make sure they’re family and friends don’t get sick. It’s important in these times of all-around uncertainty to continue following the suggestions of the CDC, not to mention your local health department. COVID-19 is an issue unlike any we’ve ever seen in our lifetime but following guidelines will allow us to see it through. Chances are that many businesses in our industry will remain open through the worst of the quarantine, providing people with peace of mind and prescribed medicine when they need it most. Therefore, it’s imperative that we take this seriously and take stringent measures to maintain the health and safety of our employees, our customers, our patients and ourselves.


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