How the Banger Saver Simply but Effectively Changes Your Dabbing Experience

Until a few weeks ago, there was no way to safely and reliably grab a cooling banger in a hurry without a bit of MacGyver skill and a heaping helping of risk. That all changed with the invention of the Dab Nation Banger Saver; a tool so practical in its usefulness that we’re surprised it didn’t already exist. Now, when life calls in the middle of a sesh, we can answer without any hassle or delay. Today, we’re going to take a scrutinizing look at this innovative new product, highlighting how it’s simple but all-encompassing design can make big changes to the limits of our dabbing experience.

Big Things Done in Simple Ways

There’s an understated brilliance in the simplicity of the Banger Saver’s design. Measuring 3” x 3”, it employs a standard cubic shape crafted from high quality platinum-cured silicone, at once rugged and resilient. The exterior notably includes molded corners strategically placed for comfortable thumb placement, rendering it easy to pop open. The Dab Nation logo is debossed across the silicone face of the Banger Saver while the closure is molded in such a way as to playfully indicate dripping wax. Precision crafting of the silicone lip adds a strong element of security that ensures that the Banger Saver remains tightly closed even if you’re hustling through a busy commute. When the Banger Saver is opened, a series of resilient silicone holding pegs are revealed. And that’s really all there is to it! Yet this simple design has revolutionized what’s possible for jet setting connoisseurs.

Dab Nation Banger Saver offers a simple design with silicone protection

No Banger Left Behind

Nothing has taught us that life is unpredictable quite like the year 2020. You never know when an emergency is going to arise, pleasant or otherwise. If something comes up mid-sesh, you’re often stuck with two choices:

  • Wipe your banger down with isopropyl alcohol and wait for it to cool down while the clock keeps ticking.
  • Leave a hot sticky banger behind.

That is until the Dab Nation Banger Saver hit the scene. Now, you don’t have to leave your bangers behind in a rush or count the seconds while you wait for it to cool down. The heat-resistant silicone storage sleeve is designed to carefully cradle your warm and potentially sticky banger (depending on just how urgently you need to dash) so you can move and focus on more pressing matters.

How the Dab Nation Banger Saver Lives Up to Its Name

The Banger Saver’s platinum-cured silicone adds an extra degree of ruggedness to the storage solution, meaning you can safely drop it from a height of 6 feet onto solid concrete and still expect to find an unscathed banger inside. Part of this magic comes down to the stabilizing pegs that line both sides of the Banger Saver. The interior is almost reminiscent of an iron maiden except instead of pulverizing, it protects. So, not so much an iron maiden as a silicone señorita? You probably shouldn’t search that in Google. No matter how turbulent your commute, these pegs hold your banger in place while remaining resilient enough to leave no scuffs or scratches.

banger saver interior offers stabilizing pegs to cradle quartz

More Than a Portable Storage Case

The Banger Saver’s utility extends well beyond a safe, secure carrying case for your banger. When you’re not on the move, you can use it as a docking station for sticky dab tools and carb caps or as a cooling pad for inserts. It’s like an elevated dab mat that doubles as a secure, heat-resistant portable storage case. You can’t beat that kind of portable efficiency and versatile utility.

The Dab Nation Banger Saver debuted just a few short weeks ago. Its high value is made even more attractive by its low cost, made possible by such a brilliantly simple design. Every once in a while, a new product comes along that effectively changes the dabbing landscape, such as last year’s Terpometer. After trying it, there was no going back to older, less convenient ways. Could the Dab Nation Banger Saver be the latest product to change the way we approach dabbing?

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