How to Choose Between the Magical Butter Machine and Herbal Infuser

At Master-Minded, we’re proud to be a wholesaler of both the Magical Butter Machine and the Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser. Both are impressive home use infusion machines in their own right, but we still often get asked why we’d offer both. Sure, at their core, they’re both infusers. But, in most cases, your customers would agree that there is a gulf of difference between the Magical Butter Machine and the Herbal Infuser. In today’s blog, we discuss what sets these two convenient infusers apart and which type of customer will likely gravitate to which model so you can market accordingly.

The Primary Difference Between the Herbal Infuser and Magical Butter Machine

You could easily compare the Magical Butter Machine to driving stick whereas the Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser is more like an automatic transmission. But that might be oversimplifying the comparison. Perhaps one of our own account managers, Brian Crawford, put it best when he said:

“The Herbal Infuser is like an iPhone. It’s super user-friendly, quick and easy to learn with its preset modes, whereas the Magical Butter Machine is like an Android phone. It provides you with more customizable options to cater to your specific needs.”

Differences Between Presets and Controls

While the creators of the Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser took the time to figure out the optimal settings for different infusions, their machine also locks the user into presets that combine temperature and duration. Simplicity is built-in but control is sacrificed. All of the Herbal Infuser team’s research is condensed into 3 presets: Mighty Fast 1 (45 minutes), Mighty Fast 2 (90 minutes) and Mighty Long (4 hours). Though you’re treated to a book of Magical Butter Machine recipes right out of the box (and an online search turns up plenty more), it’s good to have a little more of an idea of what you’re doing when working with the Magical Butter Machine or, at the very least, a healthy sense of adventure. The Magical Butter Machine features 4 duration presets: butter, oil, tincture and other. On top of these duration presets, the device also includes 5 separate temperature controls.

mighty fast herbal infuser is perfect for beginners thanks to its presets

Minimum and Maximum Infusion Durations

If you’re looking for infused goodies as quickly as possible, the Herbal Infuser can deliver just the slightest bit more quickly with a preset control that churns out results in 45 minutes. By comparison, the Magical Butter Machine can produce butter within an hour at its quickest setting. While both Herbal Infuser and Magical Butter Machine are universally acclaimed for their potent results, good things take time and infusion is no exception to that rule. The longest setting that the Herbal Infuser offers is a 4-hour infusion while the Magical Butter Machine is capable of a lengthy 8-hour infusion.

magical butter machine offers more control over infusions

A Similar, Space-Efficient Design

Both the Magical Butter Machine and Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser share a similar shape akin to a coffee flagon. You can count on both designs to easily fit on any kitchen countertop and offer an efficiency of space that allows them to be easily tucked out of the way when not in use. A major appeal of both models is their tendency to streamline the infusion process with minimal mess, making the entire process simpler and less taxing on time, effort and money. 

On average, you can expect the Mighty Fast Herbal Infuser to appeal more to no-fuss customers who just want to press a button and get results without any trial-and-error. The Herbal Infuser team already did this work for them. However, customers that like to customize their experiences and experiment will most likely be more drawn to the heightened control offered by the Magical Butter Machine. While an Android vs. iPhone comparison may be a generalization, it also paints a pretty accurate portrait of the primary difference between two quality infusers: convenience vs. control.

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