How to Improve Your Sesh in 4 Ways by Using Quartz Inserts

There’s a certain irony that cold start dabbing has gotten so hot. But with the rising popularity of quartz inserts, it was only a matter of time. Cold start dabbing enthusiasts rejoiced when we started carrying WaxNax insert cases since they made the process even more convenient by providing pocket-sized cases that hold 20 fresh inserts, perfect for that spontaneous sesh. Most of the community are aware of inserts by now but may not realize just how much they can elevate the way we dab. Here are a few ways that your sesh can directly benefit by incorporating drop-in quartz inserts into your ritual.

Replacement Quartz Inserts Are More Affordable Than Bangers

Bangers don’t grow on trees. Neither do inserts but replacing an insert will set you back significantly less than replacing your banger. Since you load wax directly into your insert, the chances of chazzing up your banger are slim to none. Even though your torch will still be directly applying heat to your banger, the fact that the concentrate won’t actually touch it will keep it clean and reduce the usual accumulated wear and tear on your gear. Inserts are a thrifty investment; especially when you’re using a high-quality but equally high-priced banger.

quartz inserts may be small but they improve your sesh in big ways

The Science Behind the Insert

The general design of an insert is more conducive to a quality dabbing experience. Popping a loaded insert into a banger adds greater quartz thickness for improved heat retention, meaning you’ll have some more time before you need to fire up the torch again. Inserts also expand the surface area which means a more even heat distribution and more efficient consumption of the wax. See? Science can be fun!

Taste the Terps

Flavor matters to you, unless you’re a total barbarian (and if you are, more power to you). You can expect more flavorful hits courtesy of your insert. Since the heat isn’t coming into direct contact with your concentrates, more of those precious terps are preserved during the process, translating to more powerful flavor. It’s why many concentrate connoisseurs who are all about flavor made the switch to cold start dabbing. If you’re shelling out serious cash for terps you can taste, an insert will help you do that wax justice!

waxnax insert cases make the benefits of inserts more convenient

The Forgiving Nature of Drop-In Inserts

Finally, as many of those new to concentrates can attest, accidentally overheating your banger can be a hard and unforgiving lesson… not to mention costly. If you don’t have a Terpometer at the ready, finding that sweet spot can be a mysterious and frustrating process. Watching those wisps of vaporized concentrate wafting into the ether can be like watching someone take a torch to your wallet. But inserts give you a bit of protection by adding that extra layer of quartz to shield your wax from the direct heat of the banger. Overheating still has consequences, but when you’re using an insert, it’s a much more forgiving experience.

Inserts are quickly becoming an integral accessory to many in the community, so it pays to have a few on hand. WaxNax provides one of the easiest ways for arriving prepared. These cases come equipped with a small army of 20 quality inserts, all meticulously organized in a hard case that fits right in your pocket. The case also includes tweezers for simple and safe handling of inserts and an instruction card for those new to the game. Looking to improve your experience? Think smart: cold start!

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