How to Make Your Business the Place to Be This 420 Holiday

It’s never too early to start preparing for 420 (especially in a year when 420 lasts the entire month of April). For a lot of businesses in the industry, particularly those directly dealing with the sale of medical or recreational products, 420 is a significantly lucrative time of the year. However, going into the holiday unprepared can hurt your sales potential while making your experience unnecessarily stressful. To help ease your strain, we’re putting together a series of blogs that can help your business stay organized, allowing you to get the most from the 420 rush.  Even if you’re an industry veteran, these tips can give you new perspective that will help you optimize your approach. Today, we’ll discuss how you can use the revelry of 420 to draw more exposure to your business by making your business the place to be this 420.

The Power of Community

They don’t call it the 420 “community” for nothing. Sure, you’ve got your own individual vision and that’s key in setting yourself ahead of the pack. But let’s not forget that there are plenty of times when a little teamwork goes a longer way. The 420 holiday gives us some of the most lucrative synergistic opportunities of the year. You’ve no doubt established some solid relationships with your vendors over the years. Now is the time to strengthen that bond by inviting them to be a part of your 420 festivities. If your vendor has a great product, inviting them to set up a table at your 420 celebration builds on your relationship while adding further value to your event.

The Way to a Customer’s Heart is Through Their Stomach

If your business is located in a metropolitan area, hiring a food truck for your event can be an easy way to generate a crowd. No food trucks available in your area? Pizza has historically been a crowd pleaser and reinforcements are easy to have delivered to you. No matter where your business is situated, food and refreshments of some sort are essential for not just getting your customers there but keeping them there. 420 is supposed to be a celebration and nothing says “party” like delicious, readily available food.

pizza and other foods are great ways to drive customers to your 420 event

Never Underestimate the Appeal of Free Stuff

Likewise, you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who will turn down a freebie. A big-ticket giveaway presented in a lottery or raffle style situation can draw a great buzz and equally large crowd. Here are just a few examples of big-ticket items that would be perfect for a giveaway if you’re looking to drive up attendance to your 420 celebration:

Focus V Carta Smart Rig

Rio Portable Dab Rig

Rosin Tech Go™ Portable Rosin Press

Magical Butter Machine

The Herbal Infuser

But if you focus freebies on just a single big-ticket item, you’re missing the opportunity to leave a larger portion of your customer base feeling good about their experience with a gift bag. You can try to get enough for everyone or incentivize it (ie. first 100 customers get a free gift bag). These of course should be packed with small, inexpensive products: mini chillum pipes, plastic herb grinders, lighters, concentrate jars, etc. Remember, presentation is everything with swag bags so don’t miss the opportunity to work in your branding as much as possible.

focus v carta makes perfect giveaway for 420 promotion

Get Interactive with a 420 Contest

If you feel like a giveaway is too easy, you can engage with your customers through a contest of some sort with a big-ticket item as the prize. Your creativity is the only limit! You could make it a 420-themed art contest with some of your favorite vendors as judges, award a prize for the best 420-themed costume or even further your digital presence by tying entry to Instagram shares or something similar. However you choose to frame it, a contest demands your customers’ attention. Just remember to keep the rules simple and the prize impressive.

The Pied Piper 2020

Whether you’re inviting local musicians to play or hiring a DJ, music can breathe some much-needed life into your 420 event. In many cases, special licenses will be needed to host a live performance, so make sure to do your homework on your city’s requirements if you plan on going that route. A DJ can be a much easier, if not more affordable option as long as they’re dropping some decent wax on the table. At the very least, you’ll want to put together a fire playlist to keep toes tapping.

live music and djs can help you build a crowd for your 420 sale

What’s Good for the ‘Gram…

A well-made backdrop can provide the perfect spot for 420 Instagram opportunities. It’s also a great place to work in your brand again. Some places like to suggest hashtags which isn’t a bad idea, but keep in mind that this should feel fun and not like a sales pitch. Get creative and infuse the art with the essence of your business. If it’s sincere and impressive, people won’t need you to convince them to share it. Plus, it allows your customers to fully integrate into your experience.

Chances are that your business has the 420 deals to keep those sales figures impressive. But remember that 420 is a holiday that will be celebrated across the country and your deals will be in direct competition with all the others out there. Outside of the deals you set, the best way you can ensure the crowd chooses your 420 event over someone else’s is through making yours the most fun. Whether you use one of the above methods or, better yet, a combination of them, you’ll want to make sure people are talking about your 420 event long after the smoke has settled.

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