How to Properly Clean Your Portable Dab Rig

Portable dab rigs have really cut themselves a nice niche in the market in recent years with the Puffco Peak kicking things off, joined more recently by the Focus V CARTA, RIO and Kandypens Oura rigs. While there are major differences between these 4 models, one fact remains: they must be cleaned and properly maintained to work at their optimum potential. Want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your wax? Read on to determine how these state-of-the-art travel rigs should be cleaned. We hope you have your Dark Crystal Glass Cleaner ready!

The Way to Keep Your Cleaning Process as Simple as Possible

While the Focus V CARTA, Kandypens Oura and Puffco Peak rely on an atomizer, the RIO is more like a traditional dab rig with mechanical power. Therefore, you won’t really need to worry about cleaning an atomizer if you’re using a RIO wax rig. Before we begin to go into the details of cleaning your travel rigs, we need to highlight one simple rule that will make your whole process easier. You should never let your wax drip down passed your atomizer. It adds a whole new dimension to your cleaning duties, and you don’t want to deal with that: trust us.

keeping your e-rig clean with dark crystal cleaning fluid

The Right Tools for the Job

When cleaning a portable wax rig, we like to have a trusty cleaning tool on hand like Dab Nation Dab Swabs or something that can deliver a thorough wipe down like Terp Wipes. With the RIO, Dab Nation Dab Swabs can help you really get in there with the core reactor banger and with the Peak and Carta, some sort of cleaning tool is crucial for thorough scrubbing of the atomizer. While Terp Wipes and Dab Swabs are specifically designed for cleaning wax rigs, water pipes and anything in between, you can also opt for a few drops of Dark Crystal Cleaning Solution and some standard cleaning swabs. Dark Crystal is specifically formulated for cutting through resin and accumulated grime; perfect for standard rigs but also a blessing for your portable e-rig cleaning endeavors.

Dab Nation dab swabs help in cleaning your e-rig

Cleaning a Kandypens Oura, Puffco Peak or Focus V CARTA Portable Dab Rig

With the Focus V Carta, Kandypens Oura and Puffco Peak, we’d recommend cleaning your atomizer after 10 dabs but definitely not putting it off passed 30 dabs. This also depends on the size of your dabs. Keeping dabs on the smaller side is advisable for these portable dab rigs for premium performance. These 3 e-rigs will be cleaned the same way, more or less. Start by removing the glass top and giving the intake hole a thorough scrubbing. A lot of users overlook the intake hole but keeping it clean is integral to maintaining those silky hits. Next, you’ll want to remove the atomizer and carefully disassemble it. Atomizers can be sensitive so try to be gentle but thorough during this process. Grab one of your trusty Dab Nation Dab Swabs, Terp Wipes or other cleaning tool and swab down the atomizer, making sure to get the threading sufficiently. If you’re using your own cleaning tool, make sure you’re also using some Dark Crystal Cleaning Drops or, at the very least, high percentage iso. The coil should be removed completely and soaked in iso or swabbed down with cleaning fluid. How long you leave it soaking is a matter of preference, but we’d recommend 90 minutes. Once the coil is done soaking in the iso, you’ll want to give it a good rinse in hot water. Gently dry your atomizer (24-hour air drying is advisable), reassemble it, and reinstall it into your portable rig. Burn it for a solid 10 seconds and you should be good to go. It’s once again ready for adventure!

properly cleaning your kandypens oura e-rig

Cleaning the RIO Portable Wax Rig

As we mentioned earlier, there is no atomizer to remove from the RIO. Most of the cleaning will be focused on this portable dab rig’s banger which features an unusual core reactor design that can be a bit of a challenge to clean. Dab Nation Dab Swabs really excel when cleaning a core reactor banger because their bamboo handle allows you to really get into the crevices of the banger without risk of your cleaning tool snapping. An excellent feature of the RIO is that it includes rubber water stoppers that make it easier to clean; especially if you have some glass cleaner like Dark Crystal. These stoppers are similar to ResCaps, securing your rig for a more thorough cleaning. While the CARTA, Oura and Peak can go at least 10 dabs without cleaning, we recommend that you wipe down the banger of your RIO after every dab.

cleaning your RIO portable dab rig

Of course, you’ll find other portable dab rig models on the market with their own variations, but cleaning will largely be a similar process to that of the Oura, Peak or CARTA. The RIO is in its own category, having much more in common with your classic wax rig than other portable rigs. No matter what model you prefer, cleanliness is mandatory for you to enjoy it at its fullest potential.


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