iDab Reinforces Their Solid Reputation with These 3 Products

When re-stocking your smoke shop after the holidays, reliability is key. Obviously, empty shelves don’t generate revenue, so you don’t want to be tied up with backorders and delays. That’s just one of the reasons we at Master-Minded appreciate the folks over at iDab. You most likely know them for their Henny bottle designs, but behind the flair of such a cool looking piece is a company that has built a solid foundation of trust, offering affordable quality glass. Part of that reliability comes from the fact that all iDab products are made right here in the U.S.A. That immediately cuts out a lot of potential shipping snafus and makes distribution of iDab products that much easier. But all the organization in the world isn’t going to matter if your product isn’t top notch, so today we’re going to look at 3 of our favorite iDab products; quality crafted pieces at affordable prices, delivered with tried-and-true service.

Dropping Bennies on Hennies

The iDab Henny Bottle Wax Rig is easily the most recognizable piece of the iDab product line. Taking its inspiration from the classic Hennessy cognac bottle shape, these jug-style dab rigs don’t get hung up with a lot of bells and whistles but rather deliver potent puffs as reliable as the iDab brand itself. iDab offers several variations of the Henny Bottle Dab Rig, including clear models decorated with sacred geometry, designs with colorful lip wraps and genuine opals incorporated, worked glass models and variants of joint size including 10mm and 14mm options. Each American-made oil rig is carefully created using high quality borosilicate glass for longevity and heat resistance.

iDab Henny Bottle Wax Rig

Elevating Carta Vape Rigs the iDab Way

Unless you’ve spent 2019 in a permanent haze, you’re already well aware of the Focus V Carta Smart Rig, the hottest development in portable vaping. It took manufacturers no time at all to start developing their own glass tops for the Carta similar to what we’d seen with the Puffco Peak. iDab was no exception. They’ve brought their popular Henny bottle wax rig design and reformatted it for the Focus V Carta resulting in these gorgeous Henny Bottle Vape Rig Attachments. Like the larger dab rigs, these Carta attachments come in a vast array of styles including clear glass and assorted worked glass models. Creating a perfect fit with any Focus V Carta models, these glass attachments are an easy way to give a Carta a custom look while augmenting performance with a built-in perc.

iDab Carta Henny Bottle Glass Top Attachment

Give the Pearl a Swirl

Do your customers love terp pearls as much as we do? Then the iDab 2-Hole Spinner Carb Cap is an instant hit. Harnessing the power of physics, this precision-crafted carb cap uses a built-in terp pearl to evenly distribute wax for even heating, thorough consumption and improved heat retention. iDab’s spinner caps also feature twin carb holes which contribute to a mastery of airflow that you don’t get with just any carb cap. As with the other iDab products, you can choose between a simpler clear model with a colorful implosion at the base or vibrant variations of fully worked glass.

iDab Spinner Carb Cap

While these 3 items are our current favorites from the iDab inventory, all of their products are American-made glass with a high level of craftsmanship at surprisingly low prices. Backed with their solid reputation, iDab are a sound choice for wholesalers and distributors alike. Don’t waste potential on empty shelves while waiting for your import glass to clear customs. Stock up on iDab products and get what you want right when you need it.

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