Is the Industry Moving Away from the Flat Top Banger?

For a ritual that’s as old as time, advances in dabbing move at a breakneck speed. Who remembers the old HMK Vapor Curves? Or even the dome-and-dab nail combo? Those accessories seem like a lifetime ago, but there was a time when they were the cutting edge of dab technology… and that time isn’t as far in the rearview mirror as it may seem. These days, the flat top banger is still the industry standard. But with beveled bangers and terp slurpers edging in from the periphery, we’re not sure that the flat top banger’s title is as secure as it was last year. 

The Rise of the Flat Top Banger

Many of you can likely recall the era of the angled cut bucket. Angled bangers were the standard but, due to their incompatibility with carb caps, were eventually eclipsed by the flat top banger design. Remember, dabbing was evolving out of a primitive ritual that didn’t even consider the use of a carb cap initially. With the advent of flat top quartz bangers, carb caps could form the tight seal needed for airflow control with a wider variety of carb cap styles. And carb caps were going through their own evolution, so the wider the compatibility, the better. Dabbing habits were also advancing. The globs that were being dropped were larger, outgrowing the meager platforms offered by dab nails and shallow, angled buckets. Flat top bangers offered a more generous platform with higher walls so people could go bigger with their drops. Another benefit that the flat top banger offered over the angled cut models was the ability to rest a carb cap securely atop the banger, leaving your hands free for other pressing needs. For those of us who use spinner caps, bubble carb caps, and the like, this would almost be a negligible convenience since manual rotation is a key design feature of those models.

The First Flat Top Falterings 

For a while, it seemed like the flat top banger was the perfect design, even amidst a rapidly changing landscape. But these days, the advances in dabbing are finally catching up to the flat top models. Sure, a majority of the market is still perfectly content with the flat top banger. But connoisseurs and tastemakers at the forefront of dabbing advances have found certain shortcomings in the flat top banger for some time. This is largely due to the popularity of the bubble carb cap design. The spherical shape of the bubble cap finds resistance in the even cut of the flat top bangers, making it harder to pivot. The combination of a rounded carb cap and flat edge also often results in a compromised seal. 

A Beveled Future

Enter the beveled banger. Similar in style to the flat top banger models, the beveled banger features a slightly different cut to the edge that cradles the curve of a bubble cap. This allows for a more secure seal with less resistance, allowing more control when pivoting the bubble cap to steer the airflow. The rising popularity of lower temperature methods has also found people seeking beveled bangers more frequently. The tighter seal lends to increased pressure which is ideal for low temperature dabbing. With an otherwise similar appearance to a flat top banger, the beveled banger design is sometimes considered just another type of flat top, though connoisseurs feel the benefit of a beveled banger is great enough to warrant its own class. 

Are beveled bangers eventually going to overtake flat top bangers? It’s tough to say for certain, though anecdotal evidence shows more and more people switching to beveled bangers while flat top bangers continue to dominate the market. We offer plenty of both designs at Master-Minded, so you can expect us to support you through any shift in trends. For now, there seems to be a healthy interest in both cuts. People who prefer spinner caps often still find flat top bangers to be a perfect fit while the bubble cap crowd gravitate to beveled bangers. It never hurts to have a healthy supply of both on hand!

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