It’s Not Too Late to Stock Up With Our 420 Gift Guide

Can you believe it’s already that time again? Sure, the last year was like being trapped in a malfunctioning time machine, so it makes sense that the 420 holiday would sneak up on us. But here’s the good news: you still have plenty of time to stock up for the 420 rush and we’re making it easy for you with our own 420 Gift Guide: a carefully curated collection of some of our top performers that we’re sure would fly off your shelves as quickly as you can put them there. Let’s dive right in.


the focus v carta revolutionized the e-rig game with battery powered portability

It’s hard to remember the last list we made that didn’t feature the Focus V CARTA, but this ultra-convenient e-rig has more than earned it. The CARTA revolutionized the way we thought of portable rigs by adding a rechargeable battery option that let us wander further from our wall outlets without worry. Widely regarded as an industry standard these days, Focus V’s answer to the e-rig continues to grow in popularity with exciting limited-edition versions frequently hitting the market and a new, permanent collection of day glo models with illuminating LED lights built into their base; the CARTA Laser Editions.

  • E-rig with performance comparable to classic set ups
  • Rechargeable battery option let’s you take it anywhere
  • Works with dry herb and wax
  • Bluetooth capability and free app let’s you select temperature to a single digit

The Little Dipper

little dipper offers pocket convenience with the power of an electric dab straw

Dip Devices recently brought home the coveted trophy for Best New Device at CHAMPS Orlando thanks to their latest addition to an already impressive catalog: the Little Dipper. Taking a similar electric dab straw design as its predecessor, the larger Dipper, the Little Dipper offers a more compact size at a lower price. Talk about a win-win situation! Currently available in stark black, canary yellow and sky blue, the Little Dipper cashes in big on the market’s seemingly bottomless demand for convenience.

  • Three diverse power settings
  • An even more compact, convenient design than the original Dipper
  • Powerful 600 mAH rechargeable battery

Fusion Torch

fusion torches offer a slew of safety features as well as premium control

The right dab torch can do wonders for a ritual. It’s a multi-faceted benefit at the heart of the Fusion Torch, an affordable butane-based solution that aims to answer the concerns of every aficionado as simply as possible. This refillable torch pulls out all the stops on the road to satisfaction, offering dual adjustable flames, temperatures reaching 2500°F and a slew of safety features including a brass nozzle that stays cool to the touch even during use. While we obviously wouldn’t recommend touching the nozzle to test for yourself, we have seen the look of amazement that washes over the faces of people who grasp the nozzle shortly after use. Fusion made sure that precision and control were priorities, so you can expect this torch to hold a steady flame in almost any condition… even flipped upside down. You can even choose from 4 aesthetically cosmic designs including our personal favorite, “Galaxy.”  

  • Adjustable dual flame
  • Stay-cool brass safety nozzle
  • Creates a flame up to 6” long and up to 2500°F in temperature
  • Precision flame control holds a flame in almost any condition – even upside down

Dab Rite Infrared Thermometer

dab rite infrared thermometer provides convenient temperature reading

The Dab Rite Infrared Thermometer is one of the best examples we’ve seen of a new wave of temp readers specifically created with the sesh in mind. Featuring a sensor at the end of a posable silicone stalk, the Dab Rite can pivot and stretch its way to accommodate virtually any angle making it the temp reader of choice for the headiest set ups. Both visual and audio cues alert you when the temperature that you’ve programmed into the Dab Rite has been reached. It even allows you to customize the alerts to best suit your preference. Another excellent feature of the Dab Rite is its emissivity setting that gives it an advantage when reading quartz, a notoriously tough material for temp readers.  

  • Silicone stalk can be adjusted to meet virtually any angle – perfect for heady set ups
  • Emissivity setting perfect for quartz bangers
  • LED light (safer than lasers) used to get an accurate temp reading


terpometer continues to present unmatched accuracy as a temp reader

The Terpometer is another one of our favorite temp readers and served as the starting point for a wave of sesh-specific temp readers that followed. Since the sensor actually comes into contact with a heated banger, its accuracy is unimpeachable. A lot of R&D went into the development of the Terpometer, not only painstakingly determining the perfect window for that all-important drop but also factoring in the approximate 60°F temperature drop that occurs when oil hits a heated banger. With so many variables that can impact how long it takes a banger to cool down to the perfect temperature window, the Terpometer offers precision and control to a potentially chaotic process. No wonder it’s still so widely loved and respected in the 710 community.

  • Comes into direct contact with heated banger for unmatched precision
  • Temp accuracy even accommodates for 60°F drop when wax hits a heated banger
  • Built-in dab tool

Wolf Grinders

wolf 4 piece herb grinder provides a rugged grinding solution with lighter holster

When your customers are stocking up on the 420 supplies, a solid herb grinder can make the perfect impulse buy for novices and veterans alike. Especially when that grinder comes from Wolf. Wolf Grinders offer a versatile array of products, but we’ve found the models that do the best in impulse buys are the ones that have a holster for a mini Bic lighter. Wolf’s 4-Piece Herb Grinder and Combo Crusher 6-in-1 Herb Grinder both boast this handy feature. Whereas the 4-piece grinder delivers a straightforward grinding solution with a pollen catcher, the Combo Crusher is a utility grinder that houses a hand pipe, bottle opener, pick piece and pollen catcher. Both are constructed of aircraft-grade anodized aluminum and available in a variety of eye-catching colors.

  • Herb grinder with built-in holster for a mini Bic lighter
  • Crafted from aircraft-grade anodized aluminum
  • Built-in pollen catcher chamber
  • Available in a variety of vibrant colors

Wolf Scorpion Pipe

the wolf scorpion hand pipe folds into a rugged cube for premium portability

Wolf squeezed two products into that last spot but they consistently impress us so much that they’re closing out this guide with a 3rd product: the Scorpion Pipe. Satisfying the public’s love of all things portably convenient in an impressively innovative way, the Scorpion Pipe can fold up into a simple, non-descript cube of aircraft-grade anodized aluminum. But when you can relax and spread out a bit, this hand pipe unwinds too, offering surprisingly smooth hits from a removable quartz bowl. When it’s time to hit the road again, a swiveling piece covers up the bowl and the “tail” loops back up and around, securely held in place by rare earth neodymium magnets. And, as is the case with all things Wolf, they come in a small army of vibrant colors.

  • Innovative wrap around design makes this the perfect travel hand pipe
  • Crafted from rugged aircraft-grade anodized aluminum
  • Quartz bowl allows for smoother hits
  • Securely held in travel mode by neodymium rare earth magnets

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