Kandypens Session Brings New Life to What We Expect from an E-Rig

The e-nail used to be an elite luxury in the dabbing community, only affordable to the most discerning connoisseurs. But these days, e-nails of varying quality have flooded the market, allowing customers at pretty much any price point to enjoy the control of torch-free dabbing. Recently, Kandypens tried their own hand at the e-nail with the Kandypens Session. The Session builds upon the established strengths of the e-nail but, like all things Kandypens, brings new life with some added unique features that reinforce the company’s innovative spirit. Here’s how the Session stacks up against a classic e-nail.

Temperature Control vs. Variable Voltage

The method of firing up a dab torch and feeling out the right temperature was never really ideal… it’s just sort of what we had to do in the early days. Some old school concentrate connoisseurs get nostalgic over ritual, but the success of dab thermometers like the Terpometer, Dab Rite IR Thermometer and Octave Terp Timer show that nostalgia has nothing on dropping a dab at the perfect temperature. Even in the early days of IR thermometers, precision never came cheap. But the Kandypens Session gives us a decent amount of control for an affordable price. This is achieved through 4 color-coded variable voltage settings, indicated by the multicolor LED screen:

  • Yellow (2.6V)
  • Green (3.0V)
  • Red (3.6V)
  • Blue (4.2V)

While pricier e-nail models allow you to dial in your preferred temperature to the very degree, the Kandypens Sessions’ 4 voltage options get you pretty close to any feasible dab temperature for a fraction of the price. No matter whether you prefer hot or cool dabs, the Session can accommodate.

kandypens session more affordable than average e-rig

If You Want to Cut Loose, You Need to Have Juice

Battery power is an essential feature of the e-nail that helped propel its popularity in the early days. More cost-effective and convenient than simply carrying around a dab torch and rig, battery power made e-nails favorites for tradeshow demos in which booths could expect a full day of unrelentingly heavy traffic. Rather than going through an absurd amount of butane, not to mention the fatigue of slaving over a hot torch, presenters relied on the convenience of e-nails. Despite reaching extreme temperatures, e-nails typically offer impressive energy efficiency, and the Kandypens Session is no different. In fact, it vastly outperforms many of the more affordable e-nails on the market with its 1200mAh battery. How your Sessions’ battery power holds up will have a lot to do with your dabbing style, but you could easily expect a solid 40 minutes of continuous use on a single charge, with charge time taking about an hour. Keeping safety in mind, Kandypens outfitted the Session with an auto shutoff following 60 seconds of inactivity and a complete device shutoff after 5 minutes of inactivity. This has the added benefit of preventing you from wasting your charge through forgetfulness.

When is an E-Nail Not an E-Nail?

While most e-nails offer a portable design, they are still almost always reliant on having a power outlet nearby which can be a limiting experience. But the Kandypens Session won’t be chained to a power supply! In fact, the design of this e-nail substitute allows it to double as a portable vape, even if you don’t have a glass rig handy. The portable vape mode hits similarly to an e-nail but without the optimized airflow that you get when using your Session in conjunction with a glass rig. This feature makes the Session of particular use for road trips where a glass rig might hold you back and a power outlet is only as close as the next rest area.

kandypens session e-nail doubles as portable vape

Showing obvious confidence in the Session, Kandypens has backed the e-nail alternative with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. It’s a far cry from those lofty early days when the luxuries of an e-nail were priced out of the reach of the majority of the market. With the Session, Kandypens has shown just how far e-nail technology has developed and how affordable it has become for virtually everyone to enjoy those conveniences. Master-Minded Distribution is still the exclusive wholesaler for the Kandypens Session, so talk to your sales rep about securing your order today!

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