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We all know that person… the one that leaves residual grinder shavings on the coffee table. Water pipes caked in blackening resin decorate their kitchen countertop beside quartz bangers chazzed beyond all recognition, looking more like fossils than precision-cut accessories. They most likely have the cleaning supplies… you can’t get very far with this kind of pastime without them. But that particular friend is just one of those people who’s not that quick to use those cleaning supplies and the result, besides the obvious gross-out factor, is terrible flavor and suffering performance. You do not want to be this person in your circle of friends. But don’t worry; there are plenty of products on the market standing between you and that kind of disaster. You just need to use them.

The Right Swab for the Job

Let’s take a look at those filthy quartz bangers first. Are you cleaning your quartz after every dab? You should be. But it doesn’t have to be a grueling chore… especially when you have the right tools for the job. We’ll start with some dab swabs. These handy cotton swabs are different than Q-tips in that they are intentionally fashioned with the nooks and crannies of bangers in mind, aided by proprietary fibers that soak up residual wax more efficiently. One side features a pointed tip perfect for getting into those tight corners while the other side offers a blunt tip ideal for swabbing and soaking up iso and pooling wax. Don’t you hate it when you’re really going to town with a cotton swab and the handle snaps under the pressure? You won’t feel that frustration with a dab swab since their handles are crafted from sturdy yet flexible paper that offers just enough give for a better reach. The dab swabs that we carry at Master-Minded use only organic cotton for a fully biodegradable product that is as good to the earth as it is tough on residue. Concentrate connoisseurs may prefer Dab Nation Dab Swabs whereas e-rig enthusiasts will love the Focus V variety

dab nation dab swabs will leave your quartz banger looking pristine

The iLLest Solution

While dab swabs are as agile as they are efficient, they sometimes need a little help to tackle the stubborn pools of residual wax that cling to quartz. And as anyone who knows their way around a dab rig (or water pipe for that matter) will tell you, there are few better helping hands than high percentage isopropyl alcohol. At Master-Minded, we carry Adam iLL’s iLLcohol; the only 99% isopropyl alcohol with an added 1% of clout. Adam iLL is a man who has cleaned a dab rig or two in his lifetime so he knows his iso. Each bottle gives you 16 ounces of iso that can be used and re-used to swab or soak your concentrate-encrusted bangers or as a solution for cleaning resin-caked water pipes. In this lifestyle, you can never have too much iso.

enjoy the cleaning power of adam ill illcohol 99% isopropyl

Send in the Dark Crystal Glass Cleaner 

Then, there are the jobs that need the nuclear cleaning option. For the banger that may seem beyond saving, we recommend Dark Crystal Glass Cleaner, a plant-based powerhouse that wipes out the stickiest of stains with just a few drops. Dark Crystal’s solution can be used over and over again and never expires, making it the perfect backup to have on hand for when the dreaded “deep clean” catches up with you. Like the dab swabs, this cleaning liquid is an environmentally conscious, cruelty-free option that brings you peace of mind in more ways than one. At Master-Minded, we offer Dark Crystal Glass Cleaner in dropper bottles perfect for controlled dispensing and 710ml bottles ideal for those deep clean soaks

dark crystal glass cleaner will succeed where high percentage isopropyl alcohol fails

Capping Off the Cleanest Blog Ever

Appropriately serving as a cap on this squeaky clean blog, Resolution ResCaps remain some of our favorite accessories for restoring water pipes and rigs to their pristine, sparkling states. No doubt you’ve used ResCaps yourself or at least seen them in action. But for the unfamiliar, ResCaps are silicone caps designed to seal off the openings of pipes and rigs so that you can fill them up with iso or cleaning fluid and give them a cleansing shake without making an even bigger mess. 

cleaning power of resolution rescaps has made them an industry standard

So, yes, it’s easy to take a monster dab and forget about the wipedown with the dab swab. It takes absolutely no effort to puff, puff, and pass on cleaning that water pipe. But if you go down that road, you’re going to notice a difference sooner rather than later. Keep up on the cleanliness and your gear will reward you. 

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