Quarantine Shouldn’t Cost You Quality: Optimizing Your Sesh Under Lockdown

We’ve covered a few different blog topics over the last few weeks focused on keeping you safe during a lengthy pandemic, from social distancing tips for intimate smoke circles to securely hiding your stash from your kids. While safety’s always first, we have more than enough time to cover other aspects of the quarantine experience including quality. Choosing to self-quarantine at home doesn’t mean you need to compromise the quality of your sesh. You could even use this time, free from the distractions of the outer world, to improve your technique or streamline your ritual! Today, we’ll discuss how to maintain the premium quality your concentrates deserve during quarantine… and well after.

The Wonderful World of Cold Start Dabbing

One of the best ways to enjoy hits bursting with terrific terpene-packed flavor while also taking it easy on your gear is by adopting a cold start dabbing technique. You’ve likely already heard about cold start dabbing since it’s surged in popularity over the last few years. The concept is simple: instead of pre-heating a quartz banger before dropping your dab, you load your wax first, then slowly heat the banger with a dab torch. While these are the basics of the technique, you can add your own flourishes, such as using a quartz insert to keep your banger clean. While starting cold (a.k.a. room temperature) is essential for this technique, where you go from there is completely up to you. If you like hot dabs, crank that butane. But if you really want to savor that terp flavor, you’ll find a lower temperature is a better option.  

Using the RIO Portable Wax Rig for Cold Start Dabbing

You can go about cold start dabbing any number of ways but one of the easiest is to invest in the RIO Portable Wax Rig. The RIO comes up pretty often in this blog, but its worth talking about since it’s a purely mechanical dab rig. That means there are no atomizers or coils that need replacing, no batteries, nothing to charge… just pure mechanical power in a dab rig that comfortably fits in your hand.

RIO Portable Dab Rig is perfect for cold start dabbing

The heat-resistant colorful acrylic resin body of the RIO houses a butane torch perfectly positioned just beneath the included thick quartz banger. This self-contained design gives the RIO its name, which stands for “Rig-in-One.” It also gives the RIO a distinct benefit in cold start dabbing since it streamlines the ritual, allowing you to simply load your wax into the removable quartz banger, twist the butane knob and count down to your preferred temperature. Just like that, you’re enjoying the flavors of cold start dabbing in a handheld wax rig that boasts the performance of a desktop model. You’ll even save money on butane, since the built-in torch design is so efficient.

Since the RIO doesn’t have the accurate temperature settings of a smart vape rig like the Focus V CARTA, you need to be diligent about visually assessing your wax situation. When using the RIO for a cold start dab, a good rule of thumb is to cut the torch off when your wax starts to melt or bubble. If you’re not as concerned with flavor but want a heftier rip, you can leave the torch going for a few seconds beyond that melting/bubbling point.

Solving the Mysteries of Dabbing with the Terpometer

If cold start dabbing’s not really your thing but you still want to up the quality of your sesh while you’re in self-containment, the convenient accuracy of the Terpometer may be just what you need. While a scorching hit can definitely sour the mood of your sesh, the Terpometer allows us to avoid that calamity by accurately gauging a banger’s heat before we drop a precious dab. The design of the Terpometer allows you to easily find that ever-elusive perfect temperature. Don’t know your preferred temperature? Well you definitely have time to find it now!

terpometer takes the guesswork out of dabbing ritual

The Terpometer offers accuracy unmatched by infrared thermometers since it actually makes contact with the banger. The LCD screen lights up as an indicator of when to drop your dab, taking the guesswork and mystery out of heating your banger. While the RIO saves you money on butane with its efficient torch deployment, the Terpometer saves you money on the wax itself by making sure you’re never blasting it into the ether with too much heat or leaving too much behind in residual gunk. You get the dab, the whole dab, and nothing but the dab.

There are a lot of ways a sesh can go wrong. From searing, blistering rips from your dab rig to subpar smoking paraphernalia that dilutes flavor, the struggle for the perfect sesh is real. However, modern developments in dabbing mean you don’t need to subject yourself to these risks. Invest in the gear that’s going to offer you the right balance of convenience and performance while adhering to your personal tastes and style. You could come out of this quarantine with a refined dabbing style and even more of a nose for quality!

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