Master-Minded Returns to Sin City for the CHAMPS Trade Show

With the world opening back up and tradeshows happening again, it’s a safe bet that you’re feeling just as lucky as we are. And when you’re feeling lucky, all roads lead to Vegas. That’s why we’re bringing the whole Master-Minded team along to the Las Vegas Convention Center at the end of the month for the long-overdue Vegas CHAMPS Trade Show! We already made our triumphant return to Sin City back in May for Glass Vegas but we’re looking forward to spreading out our wares and answering any questions from the CHAMPS crowd. So, what can you highest of rollers expect from our 4-day stop at CHAMPS Vegas? 

A Sort of Homecoming

It seems like the CHAMPS trade show needs no introduction since they’ve been putting it on since 1999. With a focus on counter-cultural business, CHAMPS provides a space for exhibitors to meet, talk shop and show off their products, giving trade show goers and industry insiders alike an opportunity to speak face to face with sales reps. While it may seem all about the business, there are plenty of opportunities to blow off smoke (errr… steam) such as the CHAMPS GLASS GAMES™, a white knuckle glass blowing event where top artists square off for pride, prizes and paper. This isn’t Master-Minded’s first CHAMPS by a long shot. In fact, it almost feels like we’re coming home! 

All Your Favorite Products Will Be There

We’re bringing all that we can carry of your Master-Minded favorites. Want to stock up but have questions about the merchandise? Trade shows like these allow you to get up close and personal with the gear while your Master-Minded sales rep is available in person to help you out with any inquiries that cross your mind. Looking for the latest in temp reader technology? We’ll have the Terpometer (the one that started it all!) as well as the full spectrum of Dab Rite color options. Find out why the Little Dipper from Dip Devices is making such a big splash or restock on CARTA and other Focus V supplies with our expert staff on hand to help you out with all of the premium selling points. And, of course, where there’s smoke, there’s fire so you can count on us to have plenty of Fusion torches in tow, including the much sought-after Galaxy design. Solventless aficionados can expect a full line of Rosin Tech products including their famed presses. And don’t forget the Wolf products, including a full-color spectrum of herb grinders and hand pipes. If your customers want it, we'll have it on display at the CHAMPS trade show. 

Why This CHAMPS Hits Different

This isn’t Master-Minded’s first trip to CHAMPS, nor is it our first trade show since the pandemic hit us. So what makes CHAMPS Vegas such a big deal? It’s a reunion. “A major reason we’ve been so looking forward to CHAMPS Vegas is because, with Covid, most of our relationships had to go virtual,” Master-Minded Vice President Charlie Cimitile explains. “This show not only gives us the opportunity to meet many of our new customers in person, but also, for the first time in nearly 2 years, allows us to finally re-engage with customers face-to-face with whom we’ve had relationships for a long time.” So, while there’s a distinct back-to-business vibe to the CHAMPS trade show, there’s also a community spirit beneath it all as we finally reconnect with the people that make us love our jobs so much in the first place. 

So, whether you’re an old friend or a new acquaintance, we’d love to shake your hand in Vegas. It’s all happening at the CHAMPS trade show, July 27th through 30th at the Las Vegas Convention Center, where you’ll find us at sprawling booth #6013. Come loaded up with questions because we’ll definitely have the answers. See you there! 

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