Our Favorite Croptober Buys: Flower Edition

Fall is finally here, and with the cool weather comes a new crop! While the leaves may be changing color or beginning to fall, we can celebrate a different kind of harvest: Croptober. Check out our top five croptober products to buy this season.

MJ Arsenal Cache

The MJ Arsenal cache mini water pipes are inspired by a several hundred-year-old, Southeast Asian pipe. Grind it, store it, pour it, and enjoy. The system used by their Cache mini water pipes is built to make your life as smooth as possible by offering a unique storage jar affixed to the beaker basin of this water pipe. Keep your flower dry, fresh, and always by your side with their new Cache mini glass bong.

XVape Napalm Detonator

The Xvape Napalm Detonator refines discreet, convenient vaping into an art form with its impressive performance and sharp design. A textured grenade skin pattern allows for a reliable grip while adding a visual element of luxury to complement this portable vape’s numerous features.  With a generous temperature range of 212°F – 464°F, adjustable down to the single degree through the digital OLED screen, you can vape without compromise, regardless of whether you prefer flower or wax.

Xvape Napalm Detonator

Cali Crusher Homegrown Grinder

The Cali Crusher Homegrown grinder has patented 4-Way Quick Lock System that replaces traditional threads, and eliminates the possibility of cross-threading or jamming. Its bead blasted finish makes it scratch resistant, while an ultrasonic cleanse leaves it free of metal shavings and CNC fluid application. Plus they back their grinders’ teeth with a lifetime guarantee.

Focus V Intelli-Coil™ Atomizer for Herb

The Intelli-Coil™ Atomizer for Herb is an essential accessory for all CARTA 2 owners. The larger ceramic chamber gives you more space to fill with your favorite dried herbs, promoting better flavor and stronger vapor than any other CARTA 2 attachment.


Focus V CARTA 2 Dry Herb Atomizer


Rosin Tech Pollenmaster 1500

The Pollenmaster 1500 saves your customers time and money. Tumble up to 3.5lbs of your flowers, leaves, stems and trim quickly and efficiently. No messy bags, water or ice. No more waste. Simply load your frozen material into the drum and let the motor do the work. The PollenMaster is shipped with a 150 micron (regular) screen and 125 micron (fine) screens and 185 micron (coarse) screens are available for purchase on our website.

CroptoberFocus vPollenmasterXvape

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