Our Favorite Fusion Features Set It Apart From Your Average Butane Torch

We know what you’re thinking: Master-Minded are getting so excited over a butane torch that they’re devoting a whole blog post to it? First: let’s never underestimate the benefits of a really solid butane torch. Without fire, there’s no smoke, so it’s a pretty important factor of a quality sesh. Second: the Fusion torch is not just another butane torch. Every torch has features but this one has features. Enough to warrant a full blog post? You bet. Here are our favorite features of the celebrated Fusion torch.

A Nozzle That Stays Cool to the Touch… Even While in Use

Easily our favorite feature of the Fusion torch is its brass heat-resistant nozzle. At first, this may not sound like much to get worked up about, but when you’ve seen, or more accurately, felt this thing in action, you’ll get it. That’s right, you can actually touch the nozzle of this butane torch without needing a trip to the emergency room… even while the flame is deployed! We’ve seen daring users grip the brass barrel with no reaction (other than looks of amazement painted across their faces) after minutes of the torch holding a flame. Keep in mind this is a torch capable of 2,500°F (1,350°C) temperatures. The fact that it can sustain that heat for a significant period of time but still offer up a completely cool-to-the-touch nozzle is mind-blowing. Of course, the flame itself will still mess you up, so approach with caution if the flame is still active.

galaxy fusion torch adds fashion and style to a sleek butane torch design

Out of This World Aesthetic

Most of the butane torch models you’ll find on the market don’t really consider fashion. They’re purely instruments for dispensing fire. Fusion Torches take some more pride in their appearance, offering 4 distinct colors from which to choose. Our favorite is the Galaxy model; a glossy, deep purple veneer punctuated with shining stars for a cosmic aesthetic. And while we can’t deny the flashiness of the Galaxy, we also need to point out that the other colors are eye-catching too. There are matte shades in brilliant blue, playful pink and even a stoic black for those of us who prefer a more sophisticated approach to firing up the quartz banger. And no matter what color you choose, the sleek design of the torch reinforces more of a chic style than you’d expect from a dab torch.

Two Flames Are Better Than One

A high-quality butane torch can be used for a variety of tasks, but you’ll want that high heat for most of the ones we can imagine. As we mentioned above, the Fusion torch can hit temperatures of 2,500°F (1,350°C) thanks to the torch’s dual flame design. Even large cigars won’t put up much resistance to the precision blue double flame cast by the Fusion torch. And, if we’re being completely honest, twin flames look pretty metal.

fusion butane torches come in 4 eye catching colors

Masterful Control

What’s a torch without control? Speaking with Dab Nation’s store manager Raven Gallegos about the glories of the Fusion torch, he remarked, “You feel in control of the flame as opposed to other torches where it shoots out like a wild fireman’s hose.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! Unlike so many lesser butane torches on the market, the Fusion torch really lets you feel like you have mastery over the flame, producing up to 6 inches of blue fire that sustains in unforgiving conditions… even if you flip the torch upside down… not that you’ll be doing that too often, but it’s still a fun trick.

So, you can see why the Fusion torch is worth the excitement… unless you don’t like deploying intense twin blue flames from a cylinder that looks like the deepest reaches of space inverted in on itself? This refillable butane torch is the latest from the Fusion brand, known for their quartz bangers, and signals the brand’s movement toward a wider variety of products. If the Fusion torch is any indicator, we’re looking forward to what they come up with next.

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