Our Predictions for the Hottest Black Friday Products

Black Friday is almost upon us again and we’d like to say the market is back on track after the uncertainty of last year, but with supply chain snarls and things not totally back to normal down the line, no one can say that with much certainty. What we can promise, however, is that the items on our Black Friday Buyers Guide are in stock (at least at the time of publishing this blog) and ready to ship to your shop’s door with the same speediness and reliability you’ve come to expect from Master-Minded. And honestly, reliability is the hottest commodity this holiday season. So, without further adieu, let’s look at some of the products you could be bringing to your customers to lighten up their Black Friday. 

Xvape Fog Pro

Xvape has been the name in affordable herbalizer technology but the Xvape Fog Pro finds them veering into decadence. They’ve taken everything you loved about 2018’s dual use Xvape Fog and amplified it: an easier to read OLED display screen, quicker heating, state-of-the-art haptic feedback, exact temperature settings (range of 212°F - 428°F) and convenient USB-C charging. Customers looking for as much bang for their buck as possible will love getting lost in the Fog this December. 


Stache ConNectar

Convenience often makes great gifts and few products can rival the Stache ConNectar in that department. This highly affordable device can transform any 510 threaded battery into a handy nectar collector, allowing you to slurp up the terps straight from the jar. A new product from the company that brought you the RIO (so you know its quality), we imagine the ConNectar will be one of the top stocking stuffers in this community for 2021. 

Honeybee Herb Quartz Bangers

Quartz bangers always make great gifts for the wax enthusiasts in people’s lives. They’re practical, they’re vital and even if someone already has one, they could always use a backup. Our Honeybee Herb dab bangers are consistent bestsellers for their perfect balance of quality and affordability. The quartz in Honeybee Herb bangers is thick enough for noticeable improvements in heat retention, not to mention that added ruggedness. The bad news is that our Honeybee Herb bangers move fast… but the good news is we still have a decent amount of male joints with 90° angles so grab them while you can! 


Official Adam iLL iLLcohol Isopropyl Alcohol

For the customers that don’t have the cash to buy a new banger, they could at least make sure the one they have looks like new with some official Adam iLL iLLcohol! This 90% isopropyl alcohol makes short work of even the most stubborn and tenacious wax stains, maintaining peak performance and functionality while rendering your quartz crystal clear. It’s pretty much an essential for keeping glass collections pristine and makes a solid stocking stuffer!

Octave Terp Timer

Remember when you had to guess the perfect time to drop your wax? Or even more recently when accurate temperatures required you to hold a Terpometer directly to your quartz for an accurate reading? Don’t get us wrong, we still love the Terpometer, but sometimes we’d prefer to have our hands free… especially when moving some extra sloppy concentrates. For those “look, ma, no hands” moments, there’s the Octave Terp Timer: a stout and state-of-the-art temp reader created specifically with the concentrate connoisseur in mind. With a lightweight construction from rugged materials, an impressive 1,000mAh lithium-ion battery, stabilizing magnetic base, laser accuracy and a variety of colorways available, nobody should be guessing their temperature after this holiday season.

Dab Rite Infrared Dab Thermometer

Keeping with the theme of hands-free temp readers, the Dab Rite Infrared Thermometer offers a slightly different take on the dab thermometer with a fully posable stalk capable of contorting in virtually any way you need on your quest to an accurate reading. With its 7” reach, there aren’t many bangers or heady rigs it can’t counter. Featuring both visual and audio cues, there’s no chance you’ll miss the perfect window for dropping that dab. The Dab Rite uses emissivity settings to get perfect results from clear quartz and opaque bangers alike. The silicone sleeves also come in a variety of colors so your customers will have no trouble finding something that suits their style. 

Pollinator Dry Sift Tumblers

For people who want to give that special extractor in their life that extra edge, there’s nothing quite like a Pollinator pollen tumbler. We’ve got 150-gram and 500-gram models of these top-of-the-line tumblers that help separate the pollen from raw material for an all-natural process. These home use models are perfect for novices and veterans alike and come directly from the originator of the first dry sift tumbler models. 

This could be a strange holiday season due to supply chain disruptions, but you can hedge your bets by stocking up on these products that we currently have in stock and ready to ship to you. An empty shelf is a reason to celebrate at the end of Black Friday, but a reason to panic at the beginning. Save yourself the stress and stock up now! 


Be Lit Lifestyle Accessories

Many would agree that the best gifts have a personal touch and nothing has that kind of intimacy like Be Lit’s collection of lifestyle gear. From rolling trays to apparel, Be Lit offers a full spectrum of ancillary products to add some color and coziness to your smoke shop selection. For anyone in your life that likes to wear their heart on their sleeve, do them one better by giving them hats, hoodies, and even socks emblazoned with their favorite plant. 

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