Portable Smoking Accessories that Will Keep You Prepared for Anything

With consumer demand often shaping the market, it’s become more obvious than ever that people value portability. Even deep into the global pandemic, people want products they can bring with them no matter where their day takes them. We’ve seen it in vape pens, e-rigs and hand pipes for years, but a new generation of portable smoking accessories is hitting the market, further propelling this wave of convenience we’ve been riding.  Today, we take a look at a few of the products that are putting portability at the forefront of their design.


With cold start dabbing increasing in popularity, the demand for inserts is reaching new heights. Rather than risk the chance of the ultimate sesh fail, you can always arrive prepared with WaxNax. These handy and discreet insert cases keep you covered with 20 fresh inserts included in a snug and secure snap case. You can pre-load them if you know where you’re headed or simply have them clean and at-the-ready should the right opportunity arise. WaxNax even gives you your choice of sophisticated black or pristine white cases so you can properly accessorize.

waxnax insert cases conveniently put 20 inserts in your pocket

Banger Saver

A relatively new addition to the portable accessory market, the Banger Saver revolutionizes banger portability by providing a platinum-cured silicone case lined with supportive pegs that gently cradle your glass. A solidified dream from the creative minds at Dab Nation, the Banger Saver takes away the certain doom that typically accompanies a dropped banger, allowing you to travel through a jostling, jolting public commute with peace of mind (instead of pieces of banger). With the promise that the Banger Saver can protect your glass from a fall of up to 6 feet, pocket fowls are no longer painful.

dab nation banger savers provide pocket protection for your glass

Combo Crusher

It feels like we’ve talked almost endlessly about Wolf Grinders on this blog, but they’ve given us a lot to talk about. When you’re talking about portable convenience, it’s impossible to ignore them. Pretty much every product they create is geared toward making an on-the-go sesh as easy as possible, from their space-efficient Scorpion hand pipes to their Combo Crusher 6-in-1 herb grinders. The Combo Crusher specifically takes portability to a new level by offering a removable hand pipe with a glass smoking bowl, a holster for a Bic mini lighter, a grinder with built-in kief catcher, and a screw-on pick piece so you can ash on the go. All of this is built into the body of the herb grinder, allowing you to tuck it all away in your pocket or purse when not in use.

the combo crusher is the more resourceful portable herb grinder on the market 

Happy Kits

Compact and convenient are two attributes firmly at the center of Happy Kits’ business model. Specializing in travel kits, Happy Kit provides an array of diverse and comprehensive paraphernalia packs stuffed to the gills with everything you need to make that spontaneous sesh comfy. Different kit variations provide different supplies so you can choose the Happy Kit that best suits your sesh style. They’ve thought of everything so you don’t have to!

happy dab kit provides one example of how happy kit makes portability so convenient

While it’s easy to simply think of the higher ticket items like e-rigs and vape pens when we consider portability, a lot of the pieces most integral to a solid sesh are your portable smoking accessories. These are the little details that count big. Customer demand for portability has found inspired innovative designs in this new wave of convenient accessories with a focus placed on smokers with places to be. Jet setting smoke aficionados can seize the day with renewed peace of mind knowing that every little detail is covered with these accessories.

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