Powered vs Manual Rosin Presses

Rosin presses come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and types. One of the main differences is between hand operated and powered presses, and each have their benefits and drawbacks. Here we’ll take a look at powered vs manual rosin presses and explore the differences between them.

Manual Rosin Presses

Hand operated presses utilize good old fashioned manual labor to do the squeezing and typically come in two types, crank handle presses like the RTP Smash™, or screw operated presses like the RTP Twist™. Manual presses are generally smaller and geared towards home use, however, they still have a number of benefits.

Advantages of a Manual Rosin Press

The biggest advantage of manual presses is their simple user friendliness. In fact, they’re so easy to use that anybody can learn to make solventless rosin with one. Manual presses are also far more economical than powered varieties as they consume much less electricity, and also have a lower priced point of entry.

Powered Rosin Presses 

Systems like the RTP All-In-One™ and the Rosinbomb M-60 make use of powered hydraulics to up the ante when it comes to solventless rosin production. They’re larger and more complex machines than manual presses and require more technical understanding to operate, which is why powered presses tend to be geared towards the commercial market. 

Advantages of a Powered Rosin Press

The principle advantage of a powered press is of course, more power. Powered rosin presses can deliver multiple tonnes of pressure in a highly controlled manner to a larger surface area, and that means you can produce rosin in much bigger quantities. Furthermore, with a reduction in manual labor and a speedier turn around, it’s easy to see why commercial producers would benefit from a high powered press like the Rosin Tech Daxtractor™.

The Verdict

In conclusion, manual presses are best suited to hobbyists who need a simple trustworthy machine to produce rosin at home or on a small scale, and at a low cost. Commercial producers on the other hand need the larger capacity, efficiency, and speed of a powered system in order to mass produce solventless rosin for market. Both systems work tremendously well and can produce high quality rosin regardless of whether you're a pro outfit or a home hobbyist, so, be sure to check out our complete range of RTP rosin presses for more manual or powered options.

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