We Don’t Always Cook on a Saturday Night, But When We Do, We Infuse

Are you guys as tired of living in this situation as we are writing about it? Well, fortunately, today we’ll be talking about a way many of us have been trying to spice up our shelter-at-home shenanigans… literally. With restaurants closed to that much-missed dining-in experience and many of us not living lucratively enough to afford delivery fees, we’re starting to get to know our kitchens like never before. Whether our culinary creativity pays off or we end up creating a souffle that just won’t die, there’s always a certain pride in preparing our own meals. “Hey, I made this! Whatever this is…” But you can take your daily kitchen adventures to new heights with the right ingredients, a bit of bravery and your trusted Herbal Infuser or Magical Butter Machine.

The Right Infuser for the Job

Normally, we’d start by helping you decide which of these impressive infusers is right for you, but we already wrote a whole blog about that a few months back. If you don’t want to read through that, the condensed version is simple enough: the Herbal Infuser is a better choice for those of us that burn water in the kitchen, whereas the Magical Butter Machine is a bit more advanced but also gives you greater control which can be essential in ambitious infusion ventures. We’re going to assume you’ve not only figured out which infuser is best for you but also already have it fired up and ready to go.

choosing between the herbal infuser and magical butter machine

Choose Your Own Adventure

Before you go to crazy, we recommend checking out some tried-and-true recipes to get a good feel for whichever infuser you’re using. The Herbal Infuser has a cache of recipes while the Magical Butter Machine recipes page is also regularly updated, so you’ll have plenty of options no matter which machine you’re using. Many of you will be content with the small army of recipes provided on these sites and a few more will have luck searching online for amateur recipes shared by Magical Butter mavericks and Herbal Infuser innovators who took their intuition into the kitchen to delicious effect. If you’re feeling that creative flutter, you may not want to spend so much time exploring the recipes of others, but rather dive right in with your own kitchen secrets.

To the Medicine Cabinet and Beyond!

If you’re looking for infusion without limits, both the Magical Butter Machine and Herbal Infuser deliver. Sure, they’re most closely associated with a type of herb you won’t find at the grocery store, but these machines don’t discriminate! Any spice or herb that can be extracted is fair game, from lavender to oregano. Use your infusers to add bursts of exotic flavors to dressings, condiments, seasonings, soups… liquor? Yes, liquor! You can even take things from the pantry to the medicine cabinet by using these infusers to create your own essential oils.

using the herbal infuser to make butter during quarantine

Set It and Forget It

Regardless of whether you chose the Herbal Infuser or Magical Butter Machine, your creative concoctions won’t require much effort from you once you’ve got your recipe idea down. Both machines pretty much operate on a “set it and forget it” system so you can prep the next phase of your meal, polish those kitchen counters, watch a movie or do whatever you have to do to stay sane for a minimum of about an hour, depending on your chosen infusion preset. But hey, it’s not like anything’s going to come up to interrupt your infusion plans. You’re not going anywhere.

So when Saturday night comes along this week and you’re missing the pre-club dinners or post-club 3am taco trucks and diner dashes, comfort yourself by firing up an Herbal Infuser or Magical Butter Machine. You may find that the real Saturday night was inside of you all along. Or, at the very least, you’ll enjoy a delicious home cooked meal infused with flavor and whatever else you want and all at a fraction of the price of a restaurant entrée. 

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