Start the Summer Off with a Banger: Here Are Our Favorite Creative Dab Banger Designs

While any dabbing aficionado will tell you that a well-crafted dab banger is essential to a quality sesh, some novices may be under the false impression that your banger doesn’t matter that much as long as you have a quality rig and fire wax. It can be easy to overlook a banger. They’re not always as visually dazzling as colorful heady glass rigs or vibrant carb cap designs. But a dab banger is basically the fuel tank of your wax rig, so it’s not the place to skimp on the investment. Today, we’ll be discussing 3 of our favorite banger brands, each offering starkly different benefits to any discerning dab enthusiast.

Dabbing Efficiency Courtesy of the Highly Educated Gavel V3

Always offering a focus on performance and efficiency, Highly Educated are perhaps best known for their most recent dab banger design, the Gavel V3. When designing a quartz banger, the quest for an even distribution of temperature is always at the forefront of the designer’s vision. The minds over at Highly Educated found a solution to this constant challenge by providing 4mm opaque walls and an 8mm opaque bottom with a 4mm thick floor to their Gavel V3 bangers, thus using basic science to secure temperature uniformity. This even distribution of heat means you get every sticky drop of concentrate with little to no waste. You can also count on the Gavel V3 to heat more quickly than most quartz bangers thanks to its opaque design. That’s just economical!

The opacity of the Gavel V3 isn’t its only selling point, although it’s easily its most unique. Even without the opacity, it would still be a quality example of a dab banger. If you’re a big fan of bubble caps, you’ll love the Gavel V3’s beveled lip that lets you use a bubble cap with unhindered control. While most bangers on the market adhere to a standard 45° or 90° neck angle, the Gavel V3 comes in 90° and a rarer 55° neck angle, giving it a bit of further distinction from other dab banger models on the market.

The Gavel V3 Specs:

Gavel V3 quartz banger from Highly Educated

  •         8mm opaque bottom (4mm floor)
  •         Rounded basin
  •         4mm opaque walls (quicker heating)
  •         Opaque feature allows for uniform temperature between floor and walls
  •         Beveled top lip for bubble caps
  •         Male and female joints
  •         14mm and 10mm joints
  •         55° and 90° angles
  •         25mm bucket

Evan Shore Brings Visual Artistry to Dab Banger Quality

Always a great source for information in the latest and greatest developments in bangers, Master-Minded Sales Representative Brian Crawford introduces our next banger brand by stating, “Evan Shore brings a more artistic value to the table.” One look at their Echeveria Trippy Banger and you’ll certainly agree. Carefully etched with mesmerizing designs that fully saturate its quartz veneer, the Trippy Banger offers a visually psychedelic piece that can keep pace with the headiest of wax rigs.

If you’re looking for a different sort of visual inspiration, the Evan Shore Titty Banger finds its muse in the female form with an artistically rendered torso adorning a high-end quartz banger at a surprisingly midrange price. Like all of Evan Shore’s dab bangers, the Titty Banger is crafted from U.S. quartz.

Of course, Evan Shore bangers are more than just a pretty face (or, in the above case, a nice rack). If you’re not as concerned with the artistic aesthetic but are all about performance, the Evan Shore Flat Top Banger boasts lengthy heat retention of up to 90 seconds. It also features a splash guard to keep your sesh nice and clean.

Flat Top Banger Specs:

flat top quartz dab bangers courtesy of Evan Shore

  •         24mm bucket size
  •         Long heat retention (70-90 second cooldown time)
  •         Splash guard feature
  •         Male and female joints
  •         90° and 45° angles
  •         10mm and 14mm joints

Titty Banger Specs:

evan shore titty banger

  •         High end banger at midrange price
  •         10mm and 14mm joints
  •         Only male joint
  •         90° and 45° angles

Trippy Banger (Echeveria) Specs:

evan shore trippy echeveria quartz dab banger

  •         Male joint only
  •         90° and 45° angles
  •         10mm and 14mm joints

Whitney Harmon Knows a Small Rig Needs a Small Banger

In the world of dabbing, size does matter. In most circumstances, a smaller dab rig is going to offer a more flavorful hit, because the terps of your wax are less diluted with water. For this reason, you’ll often find mini dab rigs in higher demand than larger varieties. Whitney Harmon naturally saw this as an opportunity when developing one of their latest quartz bangers, the Smedium Bucket. Only available in a tiny 10mm joint size, the Smedium Bucket prides itself on its diminutive stature, perfect for use with mini dab rigs. A regular sized banger easily throws off the balance of a micro dab rig, which can lead to some frustrating sesh situations. Throw in a hot dab torch and “frustrating” quickly becomes “downright dangerous.” Now, thanks to Whitney Harmon’s Smedium Bucket, you can enjoy flavorful hits from your micro dab rig without any worries.

Smedium Bucket Specs:

smedium bucket dab bangers from whitney harmon

  •         Small rigs need small bangers
  •         10mm joint only
  •         Male joint only
  •         90° and 45° angles
  •         Made in Washington

While there are plenty of other quartz banger options on the market, these 3 brands consistently impress us with their creative designs, each bringing something uniquely beneficial to the modern dab enthusiast. Whether you’re seeking the efficiency of Highly Educated, the artistry of Evan Shore or just need to balance out your micro dab rig with an equally small dab banger from Whitney Harmon, you can also expect solid, reliable top shelf quartz bangers under all these bells and whistles. That spirit of innovation married to tried-and-true craftsmanship makes these 3 dab banger brands our favorites time and time again. 

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