Stock Up for 710 with These Holiday-Approved Products

While the 710 holiday hasn’t historically netted the same kind of sales as 420, the annual oil-focused celebration has been picking up steam over the last few years as concentrates are more excitedly embraced by a hungry market. This year may see some extra inertia from businesses reopening and people adjusting to life in the post-vaccinated landscape. Having been isolated for over a year has left people feeling a little stir crazy and the 710 holiday falls at a time when any excuse to celebrate is a welcome one. Is your business ready for a potential 710 surge? If not, we’ve got a handy guide to help you out with some holiday-specific products that we know the legion of oil barons will love.

The Little Dipper

little dipper portable dabbing solution similar to dab straw

The newest offering from Dip Devices, the Little Dipper is their smallest product yet and that’s coming from a company that prioritizes pocket-sized convenience. You’ll be surprised at the powerful performance Dip has managed to fit into such a tiny device! With 3 diverse power settings, pretty much every type of user will find accommodation in the Little Dipper. It’s also available in bright blue, vibrant yellow and sophisticated black, so customers can choose the option that best suits their style.

The Octave Terp Timer

octave terp timer free standing infrared thermometer

The perfect temperature window has often been a frustratingly elusive inevitability for concentrate connoisseurs, but the Octave Terp Timer offers a precise solution while leaving your hands free to focus on dab tools and torches. Simply position this stout IR thermometer so that its laser sensor is trained to the base of your banger. It will let you know when you’ve reached your desired temperature, giving you the kind of convenience that really lets you settle into your sesh. Rounded out by a rugged aerospace alloy body, the Terp Timer is a sophisticated solution to the most challenging facet of the dabbing ritual. 

Dab Rite Infrared Thermometer

dab rite posable LED infrared thermometer

If you like the idea of a hands-free infrared thermometer but need something a bit more flexible that’s capable of handling heady setups, the Dab Rite IR thermometer is the perfect option. An ultra-safe LED sensor is poised at the end of a poseable silicone stalk that can be adjusted to virtually any angle you’d need. With programmable light and sound notifications giving you the heads up on your preferred temperature, the Dab Rite IR thermometer offers one of the highest quality temperature reading experiences on the market. You can even choose from a variety of vibrant colors or buy additional colored silicone sleeves for color coordinated convenience. 

Fusion Torches

galaxy fusion torch with stay cool nozzle

Anyone psyched about the 710 holiday will want a reliable dab torch in hand for the main event. Fusion Torches are some of the most exciting models we’ve seen, coming in a variety of designs (our personal favorite is the cosmic Galaxy model), all equipped with stay cool nozzles that manage to remain cool-to-the-touch even immediately after dispensing 2,500°F flames. This dual flame butane torch can hold its fire in all manner of conditions (even upside down) and boasts anti-flare technology making it safer than several of the other models on the market. 

Honeybee Herb Bangers

honeybee herb bangers crafted from genuine quartz

And nothing goes with the right dab torch like a quality banger. We recommend choosing from the vast and versatile line of Honeybee Herb Bangers, offering all manner of designs including opaque bottom, voluminous mug buckets, core reactors and more. Honeybee Herb Bangers always use 100% GE214 quartz for premium heat retention with solid, trustworthy welds and crystal clear quality devoid of imperfections. 


focus v carta battery powered portable e-rig

If you don’t know about the most portable e-rig on the planet by now, then you must truly be living off the grid. The Focus V CARTA continues to be one of our most in-demand products at Master-Minded and with its convenience and style, that’s not too surprising. For those of you somehow unfamiliar, this e-rig uses a rechargeable backup of 18350 batteries to be the first truly portable rig, capable of wandering far from any electrical outlets. So, if you actually have been living off the grid, this is the only e-rig that could feasibly live off a stockpile of batteries and never need to see another electrical plug again. 

Every product on this list tends to sell well during any time of the year, but 710 may add a bit of fuel to the fire as it continues to gain on the popularity of the 420 holiday. These oil-accommodating products represent some of the most state-of-the-art, in demand devices and accessories in the widening concentrates facet of the market so we’re likely to see a lot more where these came from. In the meantime, you can make sure you’re ready for any potential 710 sales surges by stocking up!

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