The Focus V CARTA Laser Line Offers More Than Just a Pretty Paint Job

When it debuted just a couple of years ago, the Focus V CARTA revolutionized portable dabbing with a battery-powered convenience that gave the Puffco Peak some serious competition. Limited edition CARTA designs would appear sporadically, starting with the Magna CARTA and Holy White CARTA, eventually being joined by the Crimson CARTA, the Emerald CARTA, the Adam iLL CARTA collaboration and the Nebula CARTA. While each of these iterations offered bold new colors, the design of the e-rig remained largely unchanged. But with CARTA announcing their new Laser Line collection in the last quarter of this year, we’re seeing for the first time a new design that goes beneath the veneer while offering the same reliable performance that’s made CARTA a favorite for years.

Why is It Called the “Laser Line”?

The CARTA Laser Line models introduce a couple of notable design changes, the most obvious being the addition of bright LED lights built into the bases of the e-rigs, earning them the “laser” moniker. The glass bubble top of the CARTA also got a new look that stretches beyond the colored glass of the limited-edition models, introducing a new two-tone design. Each Laser Line color features a matching perc and a frosted glass bubble top. The upward facing LED lights shine up through the neon colored glass of the percolator and work with the frosted glass of the bubble top for an otherworldly glow unique to the Laser Line collection.

the carta laser line presents 5 new neon colors of e-rigs

Choose Your Statement

Fans of CARTA have most likely noticed that whenever Focus V reveals a new limited-edition model, its based on a single color design. The Laser Line collection is different in that it introduces an array of new colors from which you can choose. While neon green was the flagship color, the Laser Line has simultaneously dropped additional colors including electric shades of blue, pink, orange and yellow. With dayglo shades that look to the future while nostalgically recounting the aesthetics of classic early ‘90s R&B and new jack swing, rave culture, punk and a collage of bold fashion and art movements, the Laser Line says a lot more than a thousand words with its picture. Unlike the limited-edition CARTA models that focus on one pronounced statement, the multitude of color options offered by the Laser Line allows you to choose your statement.

Retained Features

The Laser Line CARTA collection also adheres to that old adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” The functionality and included accessories are the same as any of the other CARTA models including 4 temperature presets, custom temperature and duration setting capabilities, Bluetooth, batteries that are both removable and rechargeable, a rugged and long-lasting Everlast atomizer, silicone carb cap tether and a convenient carrying case. It’s the kind of quality you’ve come to expect from CARTA.

the green was the first of the CARTA laser line to debut

The success of the neon green Laser Line CARTA was obviously enough to warrant the inclusion of the other 4 colors. Unlike Focus V’s limited-edition e-rigs such as the Nebula, the Laser Line is an established collection that will remain in continuous production like the standard CARTA model. If you love CARTA and want the world to know, the Laser Line is the way.  

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