The Great Herb Grinder Shortage of 2020

Some of us have been eyeing our scissors nervously. Others have been getting nightmarish flashbacks to sticky fingers coated in pistils and terp dust. Yes, the world is experiencing a shortage of herb grinders the likes of which we’ve never seen. But take hope! There’s a stirring in the north, a howl of triumph cutting through the Canadian forests. Reinforcements have arrived when we needed them most. You see, Wolf Grinders foresaw the coming grinder famine and manufactured a surplus so that, even with herb grinders at their rarest, Master-Minded has them in stock. This isn’t a stroke of luck or a miracle as much as it’s good planning. But there’s really no one to blame for the herb grinder shortage. Now that you’ve ordered what you need, we can talk about how the state of grinders got to be this desperate.

The World’s Changed a Lot in a Year

Last summer doesn’t feel like a year ago; it feels like a lifetime. As we were going to our Independence Day pool parties or lining up outside of movie theaters to catch the latest blockbuster, none of us could have foreseen the masks and hand sanitizer, the instruction videos on proper hand washing rituals, or the deserted restaurants on sunny Sunday afternoons. Last June, we couldn’t have possibly predicted that as our country hurried to reopen the doors of movie theaters, barber shops and restaurants that a cry for justice would launch a global protest resulting in curfews the likes of which we hadn’t seen in our lifetime. Today, we’re recovering from plenty of shortages on anything from pasta to toilet paper. Herb grinders happened to be among those products affected by the turbulent first half of 2020.

wolf grinders foresaw the herb grinder shortage of 2020

Why Herb Grinders?

People weren’t frantically buying grinders like they were toilet paper or non-perishable food. So, why is there suddenly this unprecedented shortage on herb grinders? And how was Wolf Grinders able to predict it? It all comes down to the raw materials used in the manufacturing of your average metal grinder. Wolf Grinders have a higher standard, using aircraft-grade aluminum in their construction, but they’re still subject to the same regulations and restrictions of trade which can affect the import and export of raw materials. A lot of these raw materials, including certain metals, are having a tougher time making it through the ports, directly impacting the availability of certain commodities including, you guessed it, herb grinders. Thankfully, Wolf Grinders sniffed out the potential for a shortage and got the materials they needed before things got too restricted. The result is a manufacturing surplus of Wolf Grinders that’s kept Master-Minded stocked and supplied through the drought.



The Ruggedness of a Wolf

If you keep up with this blog, you’re no stranger to Wolf Grinders. With a focus on utility and innovation that really comes in handy while hiking, camping and exploring the great outdoors, Wolf’s high-quality grinders and pipes exclusively use 6061 aluminum which is popularly used in aircraft construction. To add that extra ruggedness to a beautiful veneer, each Wolf product is then bead blasted and hard anodized. This toughening makes Wolf Grinders the perfect solution to getting your grind on whether at home or in the wild.

Even as the country slowly reopens, we’re likely to feel the echoing effects of the pandemic for some time. And echoes can cause avalanches so it’s safe to say this rollercoaster’s still got a few twists and turns left in it. The great herb grinder shortage of 2020 may pale in comparison to the other trials and tribulations of 2020 including those we have yet to experience, but at least we can take comfort in an immediate solution: Wolf Grinders has provided a port in the storm. Need to stock up on grinders? We’ve got them ready to ship today! At least some of life’s problems have simple solutions!


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