The Simplest Solutions to Your Dip Devices Dipper Questions

When you need a dab and you need it fast, the Dipper from Dip Devices offers one of the simplest, most convenient solutions. Serving up rig quality hits with vape pen convenience, you’d be hard pressed to find a more portably efficient dabbing device.  However, even with a product like the Dipper, things can go awry. That’s why we’ve compiled some of the most frequent issues Dipper enthusiasts experience with solutions that should get you back in the flow in no time flat.

Problem: When I use the included Vapor Tip, the hits seem weak.

Solution: If you’re new to vaping, there can be a bit of a learning curve to overcome; especially if you’re used to taking huge rips. The Dipper is not the kind of device that you rip. The proper way to hit your Dipper is by depressing the button, then lightly and evenly pulling through the mouthpiece while holding the Vapor Tip to your wax. As you pull the Vapor Tip away from the concentrate, you should continue keeping the button pressed. Otherwise, leftover wax could dry in the tip, intensifying your cleaning process and depriving you of a full hit! Slow and steady wins the vape!

Dipper troubleshooting often reveals simple fixes

Problem: I’ve noticed some wax dripping out of my quartz atomizer.

Hot wax dripping from a quartz atomizer is the last thing you want to see when enjoying your Dipper while you’re in a hurry. Fortunately, this problem is easily avoided with just a tiny bit of correction to your dabbing form. As a rule of thumb, you should be keeping your Dipper as upright as possible when you’re using it, as well as when it’s at rest. Keeping your Dipper upright will ensure you never encounter this issue.

Problem: My Dipper’s light is cycling through all 3 colors or just blinking blue repeatedly.

If you see either one of these signs, it’s often an indicator that something is wrong with the tip. Thoroughly cleaning your Dipper may be enough to solve the problem. When cleaning your Dipper with isopropyl alcohol, pay specific attention to the point where the atomizer attaches as well as making sure the atomizer itself is clean. Dip Devices also recommends that you thoroughly clean the area where the reclaim chamber connects while making sure to wipe down the reclaim chamber itself as well as the chassis.

But what if your Dipper is clean as a whistle and still triggering the light problem? In this case, your atomizer may be too tight or too loose. Try adjusting the tightness of your atomizer to see whether this solves the issue.

Dipper Rainbow from Dip Devices

If the issue persists, the atomizer itself may be faulty. Try swapping out Vapor Tip and Quartz Crystal Atomizer attachments to see whether this is the case.

Your last resort is a hard reset of your Dipper. The IT guys don’t just say it for a good time; turning it off and on again can be all you need to do to get around the problem. However, if this old trick doesn’t work, it’s time to actually contact Dip Devices.

Problem: My atomizer seems to have quit before its time.

Did your atomizer fall short of your expectations? Before you’re positive you got a dud, let’s take a look at some of the facts for the Dipper’s atomizers. In general, you should expect a solid 6 to 8 weeks of life out of your atomizer, assuming you use it regularly. If you properly maintain your atomizer and it’s quit on you well before the 6 week period, you’re encouraged to reach out to Dip Devices support with the specifics.

As with most gear, regular maintenance of your Dipper is the best way to ensure your device is working at peak performance while also preventing problems like those listed above. Dip’s product line offers high quality performance and issues like these are rare despite their low price. However, as with most things in life, equipment can still run into problems even in the face of proper upkeep. Fortunately, if you should run into any of the above problems, the troubleshooting fixes detailed above will most likely set you and your Dipper right.



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