The Unique Benefits of Our Favorite E-Rig Models

So you’ve finally accepted that e-rigs aren’t a fad but a solid facet of the 710 community. And in a market where convenience remains king, is it really any surprise that the e-rig has had such staying power? As designs gets better and better, we wanted to take a moment to break down the distinct benefits of 3 of our favorite e-rig models that offer the same portable convenience, but also a host of unique features that set them apart from the competition. If you’re late to the e-rig game, here’s your chance to catch up!

Focus V CARTA: Setting the Standard for E-Rigs

focus v carta sets the standard for e-rig  models with battery powered portability

The Focus V CARTA is the earliest of the e-rig models on our list, making its market debut early in 2019 as an alternative to the Puffco Peak. A smaller, sleeker and more affordable e-rig option, it instantly gave the Peak a run for its money. The Focus V CARTA is often referred to as a “smart rig” for its built-in Bluetooth capabilities, haptic feedback and free app that allows for precision temperature setting to a single degree. It’s also the first e-rig to offer rechargeable battery power as a back-up for when the unit runs out of a charge. For those of us who have been left hanging by an out-of-juice e-rig with no wall outlet in sight, the CARTA changed the game.

  • Sleek, sophisticated design
  • High quality at a competitive price
  • Bluetooth capability
  • Haptic feedback
  • Free app that allows temperature settings to a single degree
  • Battery-powered back up


  • Focus V Carta Portable E-Rig
  • Borosilicate Glass Carb Cap
  • 2 x Titanium Buckets
  • 2 x Quartz Buckets
  • Wax Chamber
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • 2 x 18350 Batteries
  • Silicone Wax Container
  • Dabber
  • Carb Cap Tether
  • Starter Pack of Alcohol Cleaning Wipes
  • Portable Carrying Case


The CARTA is activated and controlled through a single button.

  • Power on/off: 5 clicks
  • Change temperature: 1 click
  • Set temperature: 1 click
  • Reactivate heating from standby: 1 click

Heat up/performance:

It takes the CARTA a mere 5 to 8 seconds to reach its temperature setting and it holds that heat for a full minute on default, though this can be changed to up to 2 minutes through the free app.

Heat settings:

The Focus V Carta comes out of the box with 4 temperature presets:  

  • 500°F (260°C)
  • 630°F (332°C)
  • 770°F (410°C)
  • 842°F (450°C) 

However, you can access the free app to set temperature to the single degree of your preference.


Using the included USB-C charging cable, the Focus V CARTA takes roughly 2 hours to reach a full charge.

Kandypens Oura: Bringing Color to the Market with Sultry Style

kandypens oura offers a full line of colorful e-rig models with feminine appeal

The Kandypens Oura immediately struck a different pose than its predecessors, opting for bubbly, curvaceous contours with a sexiness that appealed to feminine oil aficionados. This sense of style was further amplified by the wide range of vibrant colors; a hallmark of the Kandypens brand. It’s also one of the few e-rigs that can be used while it’s charging. With an impressive temperature range that peaks at a scorching 800°F, a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on all parts and intuitive operation, the Oura e-rig demanded the market’s attention when it hit shelves in mid-2019.

  • Feminine style
  • Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on parts
  • Impressive temperature range
  • Simple, intuitive use
  • Wide range of eye-popping colors


  • Kandypens Oura E-Rig
  • Charging Cable with USB-C Adaptor 
  • Atomizer
  • Crystal Insert
  • Ceramic Insert
  • Carb Cap
  • Carb Cap Tether 
  • Starter Pack of Cleaning Swabs 
  • Accessory Bag 


The Oura is (to our knowledge) the first buttonless e-rig to hit the market, relying instead on a sensitive touch sensor that requires the lightest of taps to engage.

  • Power on/off: 5 taps
  • Change temperature pre-set: 3 taps
  • Initiate heat cycle: 2 taps

Heat up/performance:

The Oura takes a mere 10 seconds to reach its selected temperature preset and holds that heat for about a full minute.

Heat settings:

With four generous temperature presets that skew on the higher end, the Oura is perfect for those who like potent, powerful plumes. You can simply glance at the illumination of the base for a color indication of the current temperature preset once the temperature has been reached. The colors and their accommodating temperature presets are as follows:

  • Yellow: 490°F (254°C)
  • Green: 590°F (310°C)
  • Red: 750°F (399°C)
  • Blue: 800°F (427°C)


It only takes an hour to fully charge the Oura if you use the included cable and adapter. You can actually continue to use your Oura while it’s charging, which definitely reduces the pain of the charging experience.

XVape Vista Mini 2: Surprisingly Strong Performance for Such Affordability

xvape vista mini 2 presents an affordable e-rig model with a stunning amount of quality

The XVape Vista Mini 2 may not be as well known as the other e-rig models on our list, but this model delivers a surprising amount of quality from what you’d expect of its dramatically lower price tag. It’s a great introductory piece for novices who aren’t quite sure how they’ll take to an e-rig or even an inexpensive backup piece for connoisseurs. There’s a bit more of a retrofuturist sci fi vibe with the Vista Mini 2’s design when compared to the sleek CARTA and bubbly Oura. It even has a few of its own tricks, like the convenience of wireless charging and an included see-through carb cap.

  • Affordable e-rig with surprisingly high quality
  • Wireless charging
  • Retrofuturistic style
  • Includes a “Glass Discovery” see-through carb cap


  • XVape Vista Mini 2 E-Rig
  • Glass Discovery Carb Cap
  • Carrying Case
  • 2 x Heating Coils
  • Dab Tool
  • 3 x Alcohol Wipes
  • 3 x Cotton Swabs
  • USB Charging Cable
  • 2 x Silicone Carb Cap Connectors
  • Silicone Connection Ring Replacement
  • 2 x Replacement O-Rings
  • 1 x Plastic Clip


Similar to many e-rigs on the market, the Vista Mini 2 relies on a single button for control.

  • Power on/off: 3 clicks
  • Heat activation: 1 click
  • Temperature select: 2 clicks

Heat up/performance:

The Vista Mini 2 only takes 6 seconds to reach its heat setting, signaling with a gentle vibration when you’re cleared to take your hit.  It maintains this heat for approximately 35 seconds.

Heat settings:

Like the other models on this list, the Vista Mini 2 comes with 4 temperature presets:

  • White: 536°F (280°C)
  • Green: 608°F (320°C)
  • Blue: 662°F (350°C)
  • Red: 752°F (400°C)


You can expect a slightly longer charge time on the Vista Mini 2 compared to the other e-rigs listed here, with a charge generally taking just under 3 hours. While you can’t use the Vista Mini 2 while it’s charging like the Kandypens Oura, it does allow you to remotely charge.

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