Versatile Smoking Products for People Who Like Variety

Chances are you’ve got at least one person in your circle of friends who wants choices. And who can blame them? Not all of us want to keep our feet on the yellow brick road in front of us… some of us like that feeling of grass between our toes too much. If you know someone like this or you are someone like this, you can see how just having one water pipe or one e-rig at home can feel a bit… limiting, stifling, maybe even claustrophobic? Well, there really is something for everyone in the world of smoking paraphernalia… even that type of person who doesn’t know the kind of mood they’re going to be in until they’re in it. Is it a vaping kind of night? Do you feel like flower or wax? Where did I put that lighter? You get the picture. So, for the multitasking smoker who needs variety, here are some of our favorite versatile pieces and accessories.

Something for EVRIbody

EVRI vape kit starter pack features an array of diverse attachments

If you know you love wax or oil but could go anywhere from that point, then the aptly named EVRI Modular Vape Kit from Dip Devices will be sure to satisfy your every whim by thinking of, you guessed it, everything. This handy device is built around a variable voltage battery with a series of magnetic connections that can accommodate a variety of attachment pieces, each boasting a unique function. If you want the convenience of a nectar collector so that you can enjoy concentrates straight from the jar, the EVRI converts into a dab straw. It also has a Juul/vape pod attachment for e-juice and 510-threading compatibility for vape cartridges. It’s like the 710 version of one of those interactive Netflix shows. While these 3 modes would already make the EVRI a treasure for any vape-enthusiast who enjoys variety, it’s worth mentioning that this is just the beginning for Dip Devices’ most versatile product. Future attachments are planned although EVRI has kept details pretty close to the chest. Will the EVRI eventually dip into dry herb? It’s anyone’s guess, but we’re excited to watch the evolution of the EVRI.

Get Prepared. Get Going. Get Happy!

very happy kit gives you everything you need no matter what kind of sesh you want

Happy Kit has made preparation their business for several years now, offering self-contained kits that each offer an array of smoking paraphernalia to cover even the most indecisive smoker in a pinch. Consider your Happy Kit a Swiss Army Knife of smoking preparedness. Depending on the type of Happy Kit you select, you’ll be supported by possible combinations of all sorts of goodies including chillum pipes, grinders, rolling papers, spoon pipes, doob tubes, and the list goes on. The Very Happy Dab Kit even includes a dab torch and nectar collector! Variety can quickly turn to disaster if not well organized and this is yet another way that Happy Kits excel. Each kit comes in a compact carrying case with nylon loops and pockets to keep everything in order. This kind of neatness makes it that much easier to change your mind about how you want to enjoy your smoke break without regret!

The Most Versatile Grinder on the Market

Wolf 6-in-1 combo crusher herb grinder is one of the most colorful on the market

If you didn’t expect to see a grinder listed as a versatile product then you’re obviously unfamiliar with Wolf Grinders. They’ve made a name for themselves by thinking beyond the boundaries of the classic herb grinder design and this is beautifully illustrated in their 6-in-1 Combo Crusher. What may at first look like a simple 3-chamber metal grinder is actually a totem housing a small arsenal of smoke gear including a removable metal hand pipe with glass smoking bowl insert, a pick piece, and even a holster for a Bic mini lighter. You may be thinking: “Okay, that’s everything you need to smoke, but that’s not really giving me too many choices on how to enjoy myself.” But the Wolf Combo Crusher actually offers you a way to kick back that no other item on our list can match: the lighter holder doubles as a bottle opener. Want to switch gears and take a sesh break by wetting your whistle with a cold brew? The Combo Crusher has you covered. Enjoy a smoke, pop open a beer, and let the kief catcher save you something for a rainy day. That’s versatility at its finest!

A Rolling Tray That Holds Everything But Your Hand

Be Lit bamboo rolling tray offers compartments for everything from herb grinders to cell phones

We’re going to round things out with the ultimate platform that can satisfy lightning fast shifts in mood. The Be Lit Bamboo Rolling Station provides a home base for your sesh that keeps things comfortable and orderly, no matter your whim. With carefully cut, generously portioned spaces designated for your herb grinder, rolling papers and wraps, material, and phone stand, you’ll have no problem finding what you need when you need it. Plus, if you’re in the rolling state-of-mind, it can help to pull up Netflix or YouTube on your phone to help you pass the time as you go for that perfect roll. This is actually an item we carry, but we don’t have it displayed on our site. Fortunately, you can reach out to your Master-Minded account representative if you’re interested in this versatile rolling tray.

There’s nothing wrong with being a bit indecisive when it comes to how you want to enjoy your free time. But if you’re the type of smoker who likes choices, you need gear that can change with your whims. These are products that can be a lot of things to a lot of people. That kind of versatility is key in satisfying smokers who appreciate variety. With any of these products, you can be sure you’ll be happy to see them, no matter your mood.

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