What Does the Terpometer Titanium Series Bring to the Table?

The Terpometer continues to be the most recognized name in specialty thermometers, leading the temp reader revolution that the community has been enjoying for the last few years. You know how the adage goes: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” But as months become years, flawless designs deserve re-evaluation. There’s also something to be said for novelty and its role in evolution. Enter the Terpometer Titanium Series; a limited edition model that doesn’t radically change what we’ve come to expect from the most popular temp reader on the market, but makes just enough of a subtle adjustment to warrant our attention. Here’s what’s different about the Terpometer Titanium. 

The Fresh New Look of the Terpometer Titanium

The most immediately obvious differences are stylistic with the Terpometer Titanium taking on an ultramodern light silver coloring when compared to the much darker original model. Even the metal culminating in the temp reader is a slightly different shade for a more complementary look. When it comes to the body of the Terpometer Titanium, this new metallic color is purely cosmetic. That’s not to say genuine titanium isn’t incorporated into this limited model, but we’ll get to that in a moment. For now, just rest assured that the Terpometer Titanium is still light and easy to handle with masterful control and not crafted from a clunky piece of solid titanium. The aesthetic changes alone would probably find these limited-edition models flying off the shelves, but Zpace Laboratories, the company behind the original Terpometer model, took the Terpometer Titanium as an opportunity to experiment with their technology and offer something different. 

changes offered by the terpometer titanium are more than cosmetic

A Cooler, Tighter Optimum Temperature Range

Easily (and literally) one of the coolest updates offered by the Terpometer Titanium is its narrowed optimal temperature range that also illustrates the modern taste for lower temperature dabbing. Anyone well-versed in using the Terpometer will recognize that the original model’s optimal temperature range spans from 540°F to 600°F. The Terpometer Titanium adjusts this window to a lower and tighter 500°F to 550°F range. The color indicators for the temperature ranges are blue (too cool), red (too hot), and green (just right) for both models. Of course, you can manually adjust the optimum temperature window to suit your personal tastes with either model, but it’s still interesting to see how developments in dabbing trends have influenced what we view as the “green zone.” And more precision, even by 10°, is always a welcome addition. 

The Right Tool for the Job

Fans of the flathead dab tool design will love the final change offered by the Terpometer Titanium: the inclusion of a pure titanium flathead-style dabber attachment. The original Terpometer features a pronged tool head that’s perfect for twisting and pulling concentrates, but the Terpometer Titanium’s flathead dabber can cut through stubborn, tenacious crusts and slabs that would give the pronged tool some trouble. Once you’re done cutting through any difficult crusts, the flathead allows you to easily scoop up the glob and transport it neatly to your waiting insert or banger. 

terpometer titanium offers lower optimal temperature ranges and a shovelhead dab tool

With more than simple cosmetic changes defining the Terpometer Titanium, it will be interesting to see whether similar adjustments to the dab tool head and optimum temperature range find a permanent place in potential future Terpometer models. Could the Terpometer 2.0 be on the horizon? 

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