What You Need to Consider When Shopping for a Dab Torch

Making the move to concentrates can be an intimidating experience for several reasons, but perhaps none more than wielding that intensely hot dab torch for the first time. For people who just can’t get passed working with a flame that can top 2500°F, there’s always the safety of an e-nail. But for those of us who want a more traditional experience, finding the right torch is integral. Today, we’re going to take a look at the most important features to look for when shopping for a reliable dab torch.

Propane? More Like Pro Pain!

Torches require fuel to provide you with their powerful flames, but the type of fuel can differ. When selecting your dab torch, you’re most likely to come across torches that run on one of two fuel types: butane or propane. Propane torches burn hotter than butane, which may leave you thinking propane is the obvious solution. You’ll need to reach immense temperatures to adequately heat your nail, so the hotter, the better, right? Not necessarily. Propane torches often burn too hot, creating a flame that can actually destroy even the most rugged of titanium nails through a process called oxidization. If heating concentrates is your aim, you’ll always want to make sure you’re selecting a butane torch. Just don’t tell Hank Hill.

make sure to choose butane over propane when buying a dab torch

Is Your Dab Torch Tough Enough?

You also need to make sure that your prospective torch’s design will be conducive to your globby goals. As with many accessories, this often translates to portability. Is your torch made from a rugged enough material that you can toss it in your backpack with no worries? Is it space-efficient and light enough to grab and go? Many dab torches are crafted from heavy duty metals that can take a beating and that’s exactly what you should be demanding from your purchase.

The Luxury of a Controlled Flame

If you’re new to the world of concentrates, you’re probably just using one nail. But as you try new nail types and get more comfortable, you could easily find yourself switching between different nails when the mood strikes. This is why temperature control is such an important feature to consider when shopping for a dab torch. The more control you can claim over your torch’s flame, the better. Not only will this allow you to tailor the flame to your specific style, but it can contribute to the even heating your nail needs.

fusion bangers are quality butane torches designed for dabbing

If you want to make the whole selection process easier on yourself, you can start by selecting a torch specifically designed with concentrates in mind, such as the Fusion Butane Torch. Yes, that’s Fusion as in Fusion Bangers! They make torches too! Similar to other reputable brands like Blazer, these torches have no problem handling any waxy scenario you throw at them. Fusion butane torches cover all the bases we discussed above, offering a steady, even flame that holds strong (even when the torch is flipped upside down!), a rugged design that can follow you wherever you want to go and other useful features including a child safety lock, anti-flare technology and generous fuel capacity. Concentrates can be complex, so you might as well make selecting your dab torch as simple as possible!

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