Why Sometimes Only a Mini Rosin Press Will Do

We’ve said it on this blog many times before: we live in an era in which convenience is king. Almost all of the product evolution we witness these days is with the intention of making devices that are smaller without sacrificing much performance, pocket sized pieces that can follow you anywhere you want to go, and simple designs with intuitive controls and next to no learning curve. Surely, a parade of dab pens and e-rigs just marched through your daydreams, but the same focus on convenience has even made its way to the rosin press. These days, the question of the best rosin press could easily fall into several conflicting answers. But for most people just starting out in the solventless extraction game, a mini rosin press is the ideal starting point. Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the benefits that are unique to portable rosin press models. 

rosin tech go 2 portable rosin press offers intuitive controls perfect for beginners

Solventless Simplicity

If you’ve never used a rosin press before, it’s a pretty safe bet that a portable rosin press won’t throw too much at you all at once. While a mini rosin press isn’t necessarily synonymous with a beginner’s press, the path of convenience is usually reached more effectively without bells and whistles. Because of this, you’ll find the best rosin press models for portable convenience are also some of the most intuitive. Take the Rosin Tech Go 2™. Temperature and timing are both controlled through the same console controls, pretty much leveling out any potential learning curve. You probably wouldn’t even need an instruction manual to quickly figure out this press, but it still comes with one, not to mention the instructional videos online which are usually quite short and to the point. That’s because there aren’t really a lot of steps to cover for operating the Rosin Tech Go 2™.   

The Portable Perks of a Mini Rosin Press

Of course, the most obvious benefit of using a portable press is its portability. “But why would you want to bring your rosin press with you anyway?” you might be asking. Take this scenario for example: you’re looking for some dry herb to press. Since not all dry herb oppressed equally, you’ll probably want to test it out. Sure, you could drive around town collecting samples before bringing it home to your stationary rosin press. But wouldn’t it be easier to just bring your mini rosin press along? You could decide the sample that works best for you right then and there. It definitely speeds the process up considerably. They’re lightweight enough to offer you a degree of discretion with which larger models can’t compete. For example, the Rosinbomb Rocket weighs just 13-pounds and easily stashes away in a backpack. So, if you need to catch a train or bus, you won’t have to deal with a bunch of curious stares. A portable rosin press gets even more convenient when you’re working in the industry. Lugging a standard rosin press to a tradeshow for demos is nothing less than a grueling experience. But having a series of mini rosin press models ready to go is a much more manageable experience with more efficient results. The portable presses take up less room and since you can have multiple mini rosin presses in place of one large press, several people can try their hands at once. 

rocket mini rosin press from rosinbomb compact and light enough to fit in backpacl 

The Thriftiest Option

Whether you’re new to rosin presses and looking for an affordable entry point or you’re simply feeling the bank account burn post-pandemic, portable models will almost always be the best rosin press options for lower price tags. The Rosin Tech Go 2™ retails for a mere $295 which is easily one of the most affordable press options on the market. But these mini rosin press models keep saving you money long after the initial sale. You’ll find that they have more conservative power requirements than their larger cousins. The Rosinbomb Rocket can exert an impressive 1,500 pounds of pressure on just 3 amps of power. The Rosin Tech Go 2™ still pumps out a more than ample 700 pounds of pressure while only using 2 amps. 

Of course, when you’re using a portable rosin press, you’ll also find some features lacking when compared to standard sized models. Mostly, you’ll be sacrificing control and the amount you’re able to press at a single time. If you’re shopping for your first rosin press, these consequences of convenience likely won’t be dealbreakers. But for pros that love to hone their techniques, it’s often ideal to have a home press and a portable press allowing the best of both worlds. But for simplicity, portable convenience and affordability, a mini rosin press is unmatched making it the perfect choice for novices and veterans looking for a compact backup.   

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