Why the Terpometer Should Be Considered a Necessity to the Dabbing Experience

Everyone loves the Terpometer. Seriously, in all our tradeshow visits, we’ve not heard one disparaging word about the handy dabbing thermometer that provides a concrete temperature reading by actual contact with your banger’s surface. What we have heard is some people in the community describing the Terpometer as a “luxury”. Technically, they’re right. But they’re right in the same way as someone claiming that you don’t need a water pipe to smoke because you can just carve up an apple. We believe the Terpometer has become a tool that’s actually essential to the overall dabbing experience. The Terpometer improves a sesh so dramatically as to possibly change the definition of essential. Translation: once you use the Terpometer, you can’t go back. But, just to prove we’re not haphazardly moving goal posts, here are just a few reasons why we’d consider the Terpometer a crucial piece of sesh gear.

The Atmospheric Conditions That Affect Dabbing

You may not think that fluctuating room temperatures would have an impact on your sesh, but atmospheric conditions are one of the reasons why you need to have a Terpometer at the ready. Even if you always sesh in the same spot, subtle changes in room temperature can throw off your banger’s temperature. These changes may not seem like such a big deal day to day, but a room feels vastly different between the summer months and the winter months. If you have a dab system set up like clockwork, atmospheric conditions are likely throwing a wrench in the gears of any disciplined heating system or routine you may have in place. This isn’t a problem if you have a Terpometer and we’ll explain why in just a moment. But first, let’s discuss another way that your banger’s temperature could be fluctuating without you realizing it.  

terpometer takes the guesswork out of dabbing ritual

The Limitations of a Dab Torch

Did you know that the heat put out by your dab torch isn’t consistent? Modern manufacturers of torches have put a lot of work into providing a reliable flame from their product, but there are just too many factors causing temperature fluctuation at any given time for any dab torch to overcome. A lot of this has to do with your flame’s interaction with oxygen. This is different than the general atmospheric temperature we discussed above. A flame’s relationship with oxygen means that air currents, pressure and even altitude can all change the temperature of your dab torch’s flame. You may not notice these subtle shifts, but your banger certainly will. Again, having a Terpometer handy instantly counters these problems.

How the Terpometer Compensates for Lost Heat

It may feel like a magic wand, but the Terpometer is all about the science. When the Terpometer’s optimal temperature ranges were being calculated, all of the above factors were taken into consideration. For example, research shows that loading your dab into a banger will reduce its temperature by 60°. The Terpometer’s premium dabbing window factors in this 60° drop as well as heat lost through the cooling effects of inhalation.

The Behavior of a Dab Banger

Then, there’s your banger itself. It’s hard to predict with any real accuracy how quickly or gradually a new banger will lose heat. This is all dependent on a variety of factors including all the atmospheric conditions we discussed above as well as your banger’s thickness. If you’re the type of person who sticks with one banger, you might have a good idea of how it behaves but a new banger could throw you for a loop. Whether you’re breaking in a new piece or just finetuning the performance of ol’ reliable, the Terpometer will give you accuracy for every banger situation you can throw at it.

terpometer takes the temperature directly from your banger

Unparalleled Accuracy and Performance

The Terpometer isn’t the first attempt at providing gear that takes the mystery out of finding that perfect heat window for dabbing; it’s just the most satisfying. Prior to the Terpometer gracing the market, you pretty much had your choice of digital thermometers, e-nails or heat-reactive color-changing quartz bangers. Hot glass and quartz can easily throw a digital thermometer for a loop, resulting in less-than-precise temperature readings. Likewise, color-changing bangers just couldn’t offer the accuracy needed for a dabbing connoisseur. An e-nail has no problem locking down that specific temperature, but most e-nails are a bit too cumbersome for a grab-and-go sesh and, since they typically rely on titanium construction, flavor suffers. All of this goes to say that nothing on the market is quite tackling the same value and utility of the Terpometer.

The Terpometer takes away the frustrating, at times even overwhelming, guesswork of finding the perfect temperature window for your sesh, conserving your concentrates in the process. In our eyes, this makes it an essential item just as much (if not more so) than a dab tool, mat, or carb cap. Accuracy shouldn’t be a luxury in a process this scientific. If you’re ready to solve the deepest mysteries of perfect dabbing temperature without leaving room for error, the Terpometer is a solid must.

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