Why We Only Trust the T Case with Our Heady Glass

If you care about your glass as much as we do, chances are you already know all about the T Case. You name it, this case protects against it. It’s a dent resistant, shatter resistant, dust proof, waterproof case making it perfect for water pipes, wax rigs and everything in between, no matter how fragile. For some people, a protective case is just a case and there’s nothing to set the T Case apart from a Pelican case. But we beg to differ, so we’ve compiled a few of the reasons why we put so much faith in the T Case.

The T Case Reminds Us: Size Matters

Even if you’re a Tetris legend, there’s no strategizing around a case that’s too small for your gear. T Case may not be the only portable storage solution that comes in a variety of sizes, but they’re one of very few that we’ve seen offering a case of such quality with the thickness of the 9” T Case Plus. Initially, this may not seem that mind blowing, but when you’re trying to find a way to safely transport a heady glass rig, that extra width makes all the difference.

T-Case Plus is perfectly sized for heady glass

More Personality Through More Options

Variety allows a customer to find a little bit of him/herself in a product. It’s a way to broadcast a facet of our personalities without words. This is yet another way that the T Case trounces the competition, offering a full spectrum of color options whereas most competitors, Pelican included, only offer a few muted colors. That can be fine for the office, but when you’re transporting your favorite heady glass rig, you might want something a bit more vibrant. Beyond the plethora of colors offered by the T Case line, you’ll even find eye-opening glow-in-the-dark cases for a truly psychedelic experience.

The Price is Right

With the T Case, glass pipes and piggy banks alike remain unbroken. It’s easy to love the affordability of the T Case. Despite its virtually indestructible quality and comfortable design, the T Case is significantly more affordable than competitors such as Pelican. Even if your shop marks down the suggested Pelican MSRP significantly, the T Case will still likely be the more cost-effective option. It’s the rare customer that’s not looking for a deal, so the T Case is a superior choice for shops trying to offer the best deals on portable storage options.

The T-Case offers several color options

What’s in Your T Case?

You can guess how we like to use our T Cases, but these durable valises go so much further than simply transporting pipes and rigs. Here are just a few of the myriad ways we’ve heard of people using their T Cases:

  • Luggage – The larger T Case models are wheeled cases, making them perfect for use as luggage.
  • Drone Transport – The protective foam inserts can be cut to accommodate your drone for a custom case solution.
  • Toolbox – Want a customized tool box? Try cutting the foam insert for a perfect fit for your tools.
  • Makeup Box – Staying organized with makeup is crucial, but a T Case can make the perfect travel makeup kit.
  • First Aid Kit – The rugged nature of the T Case makes the perfect shell for First Aid Kits.
  • Lunch Box – Some of us have crazy morning commutes to work, so a T Case lunchbox isn’t as over-the-top as it sounds.
  • Photographic Equipment – Sensitive, yet valuable photographic equipment is carefully cushioned by the foam inserts and protected by the rugged T Case shell.
  • Guitar Pedals – Effects pedals for musical instruments can fit snuggle and securely into a T Case as a makeshift effects rig.

If you’re putting any kind of cash into a glass collection, a T Case is crucial. Obviously, the T Case protects a lot more than heady glass rigs, but we’re still impressed with how well the thicker T Case Plus insulates precious, one-of-a-kind intricate pieces from abuse. Each of your customers has their own unique story with their own demands. The T Case satisfies so many specific scenarios that it serves as a thrifty catch all for a myriad of requirements. No matter whether they’re looking for the ultimate safeguard for their one-of-a-kind heady wax rig or need a foam protected toolbox that doubles as a portable drone case, the T Case remains the answer to an army of questions.

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