Why You Should Be Using Multiple E-Rigs

When it comes to e-rigs, a decent daily driver feels like everything. And to some dabbing enthusiasts, their daily driver literally is everything… at least as far as smoking devices go. These are the dabbing devout who have burned their bridges to water pipes and lost their love for traditional wax rigs, convenient nectar collectors and inconspicuous dab pens. But you know what they say about putting all your eggs in one basket. The same is true for putting all your dabs in one e-rig. Today, we’re going to discuss the common sense of having at least two different e-rig models in your arsenal. As an example, we’ll be using one of our personal favorites, the Focus V CARTA and a couple of new additions to the e-rig market: the highly affordable Xvape Vista Mini 2 and the beautifully designed Kandypens OURA.

A Backup Smoking Device is Crucial

We’ll start with the most obvious reason that you should have at least two e-rigs, regardless of whether you choose the CARTA, the Vista Mini 2 or something completely different. Even the most well-made e-rig will most likely suffer some sort of complication at some point that prevents you from using it. This complication could be something as simple as a spent atomizer or as complex and baffling as a mystery failure requiring you to send a faulty rig back under the manufacturer warranty. Is something like that likely to happen? No. Is it possible? You bet. So, if your only e-rig is knocked out of commission by an issue, whether simple or complex, all your dabbing plans are knocked out along with it. We hope you like T-breaks because you’re on one!

xvape vista mini 2 makes an affordable backup e-rig

Of course, if you’ve invested in a second e-rig model, you’ll still have a dabbing outlet at your disposal. Your backup e-rig can keep you company while you wait for an atomizer replacement or for your warranty to iron out more complicated issues. The last thing you want is to get left high and dry, especially in a time when sharing your friend’s e-rig could get you very sick. When you have at least one backup e-rig, you’re dabbing with true peace of mind.

Indulge Your Inner Control Freak

Now, we’ll get into our specific examples. The unique features offered by the diverse array of e-rig models on the market is all part of the fun of investing in multiple pieces. One reason that we chose the Focus V CARTA is because of the free vape app that can be downloaded directly through their site. This app offers a handful of benefits, but our favorite is the precision temperature control. Do you know your preferred vaping temperature down to the single degree? If so, the Focus V app can get you there! The majority of e-rigs on the market offer temperature presets that can get you in the ballpark of your preferred temperature but CARTA is one of the very few that can get your preferred temperature right on the nose.

the kandypens oura portable vape rig

The Type of Customer Who Owns a CARTA and a Kandypens OURA

Priced similarly to the CARTA, the Kandypens OURA provides a solid backup if you don’t mind paying a comparable price for comparable performance. This all comes down to a matter of individual customer preference. Some customers have a strictly designated backup e-rig to use only if their plan A takes a fall. They don’t want to spend a lot on their backup plan. Then there are those that need optimum quality at all times and don’t mind investing a bit of cash in that backup. In many cases, these second e-rigs won’t necessarily be backups as much as they’ll be another e-rig for another mood. Someone who purchases both a Focus V CARTA and a Kandypens OURA won’t be likely to let either gather much dust, keeping both in rotation and leaning on one if something should happen to the other. The OURA also offers a different aesthetic, being somewhat more feminine than the CARTA and thus appealing to the often-underrepresented female demographic of smoke shop patrons.

The Grab ‘n’ Go Option

The Xvape Vista Mini 2 first turned heads because of its staggeringly low price tag and the surprisingly powerful performance that comes along with it. But there’s another reason the latest e-rig model from the Xvape family earns a spot in our e-rig arsenal. It’s because the Vista Mini 2 is the perfect e-rig for simply grabbing and going. It features 4 presets so you still get a great range that can get you pretty darned close to your preferred vaping temperature if not landing you on the dot. It’s compact and, more importantly, it’s simple, so you won’t get lost in gadgetry. It can be easy to get lost in a loop when you start finetuning your sesh, but this is an e-rig that gets straight down to business without all the fuss. Looking for a quick dab on your way out the door or just need a simple e-rig to bring along for the ride for when things calm down a bit later in the day? The Vista Mini 2 is your man.

Xvape Vista Mini portable e-rig

Do you have to designate one e-rig as a daily driver and the other as your backup? Definitely not; you can switch up use whenever you feel like it – this is your sesh and your experience! But relying on just one e-rig can find you in a world of pain, even with something as simple as a faulty atomizer. Don’t tempt the sesh gods by flying through your days on the fumes of a single e-rig! Be prepared with at least one backup e-rig model or risk being surprised by an unscheduled t-break! 

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